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Your hair Story series - Drea

By Desiree Johnson

Welcome to the Your Hair Story Series presented by Mixed Chicks. This dynamic, new innovative series allows Mixed Chicks users to share their personal stories behind their hair. Hair that kinks, coils, curls, waves, and tells a story reflecting their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Like our customers, hair comes in all shades, textures and shapes unique to each individual and here at Mixed Chicks we want to celebrate that to the utmost extent. Meet our exquisite Mixed Chicks women, men, and children who exhibit beauty from the root and give us honest, bold stories that we are honored to share with you.

drea3Drea Avent

What has been my experience with Mixed Chicks products?

I absolutely adore Mixed Chicks products. Up until mixed chicks, I could never find a product that was so perfect for my naturally curly hair. The products are specifically tailored to lock in moisture, and allow me to rock my natural hair with confidence. The leave in conditioner is my favorite hair product of all time. I’m not kidding. its heaven sent.
What makes mixed chicks different than other hair/ beauty products that I have tried in the past?

I think the fact that it caters to ethnic and mixed hair is what really drew me to it. the products are light, and each one has a specific need that is relevant to me. Up until now, I have had trouble finding the right serum for straightening, and the right leave in conditioner. Mixed chicks leave in conditioner holds the curl, but doesn’t weigh my hair down. THAT is what won me over.
Do you have a go-to or token mixed chick product that you cannot go without?

Yes, the leave in conditioner sets the highest bar. I can’t live without that.
How has having a product specifically for your biracial/ethnic/multiracial background impacted your beauty regime?

I think having Mixed Chicks hair products has given me more confidence to rock my curly natural hair. I do like the look of sleek hair when I’m on camera, but that requires heat to straighten, and that is damaging to the hair. So I really rely on Mixed Chicks deep conditioner to keep my hair healthy, when I straighten it. I am a true tomboy, and play lots of flag football, and basketball…so I love to put mixed chicks in my hair and put my hair in a side ponytail, or a regular pony tail. I love to also wear my hair curly down with a headband.

How do your curls/hair texture represent your cultural/ethnic background?

I think my curls empower me, and make me so proud to be ethnic. I love coming out of the shower, and putting pumps of mixed chicks in my hair. I think it makes me feel so empowered to be ethnic.
What is one feature of the mixed chicks brand that empowers your hair/beauty care?

I think mixed chicks market to a diverse group of women and is great for ALL hair textures, so I love that by using we are empowering ALL hair textures and types.
If you could define your hair story in one word what would it be?


Why is the hair revolution celebrating natural/ hair types vital for our generation?

As minorities we have to empower ourselves, because we aren’t the majority. With that said, we most certainly should uplift and celebrate what we are proud to be!! All different shades and textures of hair!!
If your mixed chicks story were a song..what would it be?

Beyoncé- girls run the world
Do you have any go to beauty hair bloggers? 

No I just do my own thing!! I like to admire other people’s hair styles on Instagram!!

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