Au Naturale- The Natural Hair Movement


With everyone going natural, it seems as though all would be good in the world of hair. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As the Natural Hair Movement continues to build momentum, there seems to be a growing sense of tension surrounding women who choose to wear their hair relaxed rather than adopting the natural hair stance. I have witnessed natural haired women admonishing those individuals who make regular salon visits for relaxer touch-ups. It bothers me immensely as I feel as though it is every person’s right to wear their hair how they see fit. We shouldn’t divide ourselves into distinctive groups based on how we choose to rock our locks. Instead we should be celebrating the amazing ability we have to express ourselves through various hairstyles, cuts, color and textures. We are in a time where we should be able to experiment with all types of styles without ever having to worry about being ridiculed, mocked or ostracized.

There is room in this world for big bold Afros, long flowing ringlets, short spiky buzz cuts, Rapunzel weaves and box braids. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and textures – natural and relaxed. Versatility rocks and that’s why Mixed Chicks celebrates everyone’s right to rock what they like!

What do you think about this growing divide within the Natural Hair Movement? Do you think that there is too much importance placed on how one wears their hair?  What do you think about natural hair versus relaxed hair? Weigh in – we want to hear your thoughts and opinions!