Color Me Bad – Coloring Your Curls!


With sunny days and warm weather comes a desire to lighten our locks. Whether we decide to color the entire head or just add some highlights, coloring your curls can be a wonderful way to brighten up your look for spring and summer.

In order to color your curls correctly, it’s highly recommended that you go to a professional stylist in order to avoid serious damage. When it comes to coloring your curls, the key is retaining as much natural moisture and natural oils as possible.

A great tip to help maintain your hair health during the coloring process is to do a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment a few days before you get your hair colored. This will help your hair keep as much natural oil as possible during the coloring process.

Another important thing to think about is what type of color is best for you? Permanent hair color is ideal for those seeking to cover grey hair or who are comfortable to committing to long term color until it grows out. Also, permanent hair color tends to be harsher on the hair so it’s imperative that you intensify your deep conditioning treatments whenever you get permanent color.

Semi-permanent color is more of a temporary option as it washes out in four to six weeks. This is a great choice for those who don’t want to commit to a color for longer than two months or those who are experimenting with hair color for the first time.

We highly recommend that you use quality hair care products whenever you get your hair colored. Our sulfate-free shampoo is safe enough and formulated for color-treated hair. Our Leave-In Conditioner helps retain moisture while our Deep Conditioner is a must-have for curly girls with color treated tresses as it softens and moisturizes hair from the inside out.

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