Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial


Here’s a detailed testimonial from a Mixed Chicks customer regarding her precious little boy’s curls.

“I’ve been receiving inquiries about what I put in Chet’s hair. So here’s our routine and our products (feel free to share if it helps someone you know. Sharing is caring ?).

So here’s how we freak the curls:

Chet has naturally curly hair. The curl starts at the root and extends all the way down the shaft to the end (if that helps with figuring out curl patterns).
-We wash his hair once a week and use the Shampoo, Conditioner, Tangle-Tamer and Leave-in Conditioner (comb his hair with the conditioner and leave-in conditioner in it). I always do this at night.

I towel dry his hair and then will let it air dry overnight. In the morning (usually an hour or two before we head out…because I don’t want his scalp exposed to the elements outside) I’ll use a spray bottle and rewet his hair. Mainly the ends and shaft. Think of like a light misting. Then I’ll add the Lottabody Coconut and Shea moisture.

-Every other night I do a conditioning wash to his head. Basically, I wash his hair with the conditioner and leave-in conditioner. I comb his hair with the conditioner in it and then add the leave-in conditioner. Then I repeat the process of letting it air dry at night and add the LottaBody moisture the next day.

Some days when we are rushing I won’t do a thing but fluff his curls and that’s how we present ourselves to the world that day. Lol.”

Thanks for sharing Vedet! We so appreciate your amazing feedback and sharing your routine!#mixedchicksrocks