Mixed Chicks History Month – Fergie


Today’s Mixed Chicks History Month person of distinction is Fergie. Known for her impressive vocal range and for being the only female in the high energy Grammy Award winning hip hop group Black Eyed Peas, Fergie is a dynamic diva who is also a modern day mixed chick!

Born and raised in Hacienda Heights, a predominantly Latino community in Los Angeles, Fergie grew up understanding that even though she looked Caucasian, she also had Latin roots that contributed to her unique makeup.

Her mother and father are primarily Scottish and Irish however her great grandmother on her father’s side was born in Mexico which is where the Spanish and Native American ancestry enter the picture.

Fergie has been in the entertainment business ever since she was a child. She got her start as one of the main characters on the hit show Kids Incorporated. In her teen years, she was a member of a girl group called Wild Orchid.

In 2003, will.i.am was working on the Black Eyed Peas third album when he invited Fergie to lay down the vocals on a track called “Shut Up”. The synergy between Fergie and the rest of the group was instantaneous and the rest is history.

We love championing mixed race women and men from all backgrounds and racial mixtures.