The Hope Rewards Initiative & Mixed Chicks



Even though we are a hair care company, we are also a company that loves to give back and help those less fortunate.

We recently had the pleasure of gifting one of our Mixed Chicks Gift Baskets to a very special little girl named Leah. This is her story.

This particular request came through the Hope Reward Initiative with Kids Can Hope. Kids Can Hope enrolls 2500+ students and the top students are able to participate in the rewards program.

These kids have committed to learning and doing homework 3+ hours per day, are drug free and have achieved a grade score of 3.5 or higher in our program. We only work with kids who are in poverty so this is really a great achievement. Usually the requests are for pizza parties, cellphones, laptops and Disney tickets – the typical items young people desire…

So we were thrilled when we learned little 7 year old Leah had requested: “A really big tub of Mixed Chicks Hair conditioner for my hair”.

We were more than happy to send her tons of Mixed Chicks products to keep her beautiful hair healthy and a smile on her face!

Congratulations Leah on being an amazing little girl! Keep up the great work!