Guest Blog: “How I Became An Influencer”- Wanda Mulzac

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How I Became an Influencer


Hello Everyone!

My name is Wanda Mulzac and I am passionate about curls!

It feels very strange for me to make that confession because at one point in my life, I resented my hair.

You see, I grew up during a time where there was no “natural hair movement” and curly girls only had a few products that they could call their own. As a mixed chick born and raised in Southern California, it wasn’t very often that I found someone with my textured hair. This is a strange fact because my state is very diverse and even though I had other mixed friends, they did not rock their natural hair. I remember wishing that my parents would buy me a perm so that I could resemble everybody else. Luckily, they never did!

The fact that my parents did not allow me to wear perms or even straighten my hair until my teen years, forced me to accept myself for who I was. Many will say that hair is not that deep, but for me it was! Loving myself meant that I had to love EVERYTHING that I considered a flaw. This truly changed my perspective on hair and inspired me to influence others to do the same!

I became an influencer the moment that I decided to embrace who I was and unapologetically rock my curls! We all have the capacity to be influencers in a positive or negative way. Understanding that there are other little mixed girls trying to find their way in a world that constantly seeks to change them, motivates me. I am not an influencer because of something as superficial as Social Media. What makes me an influencer is because I have embraced who I am and encourage others to do the same.

If you don’t remember anything else from this blog, please remember that you have the power to influence the world around you, by just being you!

May you also find your truest beauty in what seemed like your greatest flaw.

  • Wanda