Guest Blog- Candicia And Our Curl Sculptor


When I first used the Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor, I swore I heard angels singing. This product was perfect for my curls. Styling 2C/3A curls can be challenging at times because adding too much product, or a heavy, rich cream can weigh down the curls. This product has a watery consistency which, contrary to popular belief does moisturize the hair efficiently and gives fantastic definition! Many people think that the thicker the consistency of their styling products, the more moisture and shine they will receive. I would like to challenge that notion with the vice versa. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cream styler from time to time, however, having thick creams can sometimes impede the penetration of the product to the hair shaft because of the richness. Having a styling product that is water like can penetrate the hair shaft and the deliver the much-needed moisture that the hair needs. Personally, my curls love water like leave-in like the curl sculptor, because not only are my curls shinier, they clump together more readily, and my definition is noticeable as soon as I apply the product. After scrunching my hair, I can get more definition, and I know for a fact that my wash-n-go will be straight fire!

Now, back to the Curl Sculptor. This product also smells lovely and has my hair defined for more than three days! Yes, I said it, three days! I was so shocked at how defined my hair was on day four which RARELY happens to me. I would recommend anyone with any curl pattern to try out this product. Don’t shy away from this product if the consistency is your concern. I am sure that many people will love this product. To watch my full review of new products, including the curl sculptor, check out my video on YouTube: