Guest Blog: Caribbean Queen Shar Maria On Her Natural Hair Journey

Mixed Chicks Shar Maria yellow

Since I am from the Caribbean and I am also multi-racial, it was very difficult to find hair products that defined my unique texture of curls. The day I tried Mixed Chicks is the day my hair journey changed forever! I not only remember my hair progressively getting stronger, more defined, and shinier; but I began to receive compliments from those around me. It is a great feeling to not only have healthy curls, but for others to notice it as well!

During my studies in college, my schedule became very hectic and the  “Morning After Redefining Foam” by Mixed Chicks was a lifesaver! I no longer felt the need to complete my hair regime daily. The foam leaves my “Day-2” curls looking just as fresh as the day before.  Since finishing school, I have begun traveling quite often and I couldn’t have asked for a better “On-the-go” product.

Thank you Mixed Chicks! For happy, healthier, and stronger curls.