Guest Blog: Day to Day with Sydney



I’m 15, and as far back as I can remember, my hair has been ‘difficult’.  I remember my parents sitting on a ledge in the tub when I was really young, running a comb through my hair, trying to keep it detangled, and trying to keep me from crying while they did it.

As I got a little older, we started experimenting with different detanglers, lotions, sprays, moisturizers.  We would play ‘beauty parlor’ every night after my bath.  I’d sit in a chair, distracted by cartoons, while my mom or dad would drape a towel around my neck and comb through the tangles of curls, yanking my head back, finally ending with my hair in odd braids, just functional enough to keep the tangles at bay until morning.  I remember using the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, in huge amounts, and my parents complaining as my hair drank it up.

Fast forward to now.  I dance seven days per week, with little time for much else.  I still need my hair to be detangled because I have to get it to a smooth ponytail and then into a bun.  And on the rare occasion that I get to go somewhere fun after dance or just out for an evening adventure, I want my curls to bounce and be pretty!  I’ve been looking and looking for the right products.  Everyone has different recommendations.  Sometimes its stuff that makes my curls look cute, but they feel hard and crunchy.  Sometimes, it’s a product that’s so full of oil that my hair looks greasy.  And then sometimes its something that looks cute when my hair is wet, but it goes frizzy once its dry, and I look like a clown!

But then,  just a few weeks ago, I found the new Mixed Chicks Fall 2017 line of products- Woohoo!!!!! Like, why didn’t I have this stuff 14 years ago?????  Here’s what I loved, what I liked, and the stuff I honestly thought was ok, but maybe not exactly the right product for me.

  1. OMG, so…..the MIXED CHICKS CONDITIONING CLEANSING CO-WASH!!!! Yesssssssss! It’s light, and creamy, and I leave the shower each time feeling like I don’t need other products, because it leaves my curls bouncy. I can detangle my hair in the shower just using my fingers.  FA-BU-LOUS!
  2. The MIXED CHICKS STYLING TAMER-EDGE TAMER. WOWWWWW! So, if you are AT ALL concerned about edges, like I am….because I have to have my hair in a bun all-the-time….this is the stuff!  I cannot believe I’ve been using regular drug store gel on my hair, getting the dried flakes everywhere.  This product is amazing.  I get smooth edges, and it doesn’t ruin my curls when I comb the rest of it through!  I just put a little on, use my special little brush, and…MAGIC!
  3. I really enjoy the MIXED CHICKS CURL SCULPTOR, but I honestly don’t feel like I need much of it, especially if I wash first with the CLEANSING CO-WASH. Still, I was expecting a lot of crunch, and it wasn’t bad.  Really, not much crunch at all.  And it does tame the frizz, so that’s a big bonus.
  4. The MIXED CHICKS DAILY HAIR DRESS isn’t something I’m going to get to use all that much, but I do like it. It’s light, and never has that ‘who attached weights to my hair?’ feeling. All good, here.
  5. The MIXED CHICKS COIL, KINKS, AND WAVES STYLING CREAM is the bomb! I tried it with curlers, and my curls were amazing in school all day, but then I had to put my hair into a bun….no bueno! I wished I could have rinsed it out and started over again.  THIS product is definitely better if you have your hair down all day, or for an evening, and don’t need to worry about doing anything else with it.

As I said, I’m sad that I had to wait all these years for the perfect products for my hair….but that’s innovation, I guess.  Pretty soon, we will be sitting in the backs of driverless helicopter cars, doing our hair on the way to some event, and then MIXED CHICKS will have to design some sort of automatic hair stylist that pops out of the back seat and does our hair for us…..and it had better do the curls just right!!!


Until next time….