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Guest Blog- Faira


Beautiful people!

Recently I received the 2017 Mixed Chicks line and to see how my hair reacts to the products, I decided to do a little experiment. To test how good the Co-Wash is, I did an oil treatment the night before and removed the excess oil with the Co-Wash.

And to test the finishing products like the Curl Sculptor and Daily Hair Dress, I divided my hair in two, on one half I applied the Mixed Chicks products and on the other half I applied some other brand.

First, let me show you what my hair looked like before washing it.

For those of you who do not know what a co-wash is, the name says it all, conditioning cleansing. It is a conditioner that removes impurities, like a shampoo, but hydrates and preserves moisture at the same time, like a conditioner. It’s a two-in-one game.

I loved this co-wash so much! All I have to say is, WOW! It cleans beautifully, moisturizes really well and you need so little of it. I did not even need to wash it twice EVEN with the oil treatment. And the smell, let me just say, the whole line smells so great, like a fruity smell that you want to carry with you throughout the day.

Cleansing Co-Wash

How I Applied It

I wet my hair with lukewarm water and made sure it was completely soaked. In my hand I did a short squeeze of the Mixed Chicks Co-Wash and rubbed it on both hands. After the product was spread out on both my hands, I applied it to my scalp in circular motions. I massaged my scalp thoroughly and the rest of the product ran along the length of my hair to remove any dirt and buildup of products.

The Curl Sculptor is a fast drying curl creator, in simpler words, it activates your curls so they are more defined. If you are fighting frizz and want more definition, this is the way to go. It is runny and easy to apply and smells great. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Curl Sculptor

How I Applied It

After washing my hair, I removed the excess water with an old cotton t-shirt and parted my hair in four parts. I applied the Curl Sculptor starting from the ends up to the length of my hair. After, I applied some oil because it leaves my already dry hair drier.

Daily Hair Dress

This is more of a moisturizing cream for your hair with all those oils going on. It did wonders to my dry hair, especially the ends. It is quite dense so a little of this goes a long way. And I know that it will last for some time. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this product, so far, it is my favourite.

How I Applied It

After applying the Curl Sculptor and some oil, I applied the Daily Hair Dress to all four parts. Again, starting from my ends to the length of my hair. I could already feel the hair more moisturized.

This is the result after trying to blow dry it, giving up and letting it air dry. On your left side (where hair looks shorter) is where I applied the Mixed Chicks products and on the right another brand. As you can see, my left side (Mixed Chicks) is very defined, shiny and still has volume even though it shrank quite a bit. The right side (other products) is slightly longer, less defined and less shiny.

Check out my first day after, the Mixed Chicks side (left) still rocking with all that definition, shine and volume. Whilst the other side has developed more frizz and even less definition. I definitely recommend this line!

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