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Guest Blog: Fashion Stylist Bree Lee


Hey Curly Qs,

I want to share my Mixed Chicks Hair washing routine. I know everyone has their own ways but this one has been pretty successful for me and hopefully it will  be with you, too.

First, I start off with MCH Shampoo. I have extremely dry hair; with that I have ridiculous amounts of build up that comes with it. This shampoo truly lathers my hair. I don’t feel like other shampoos really do that for me. It doesn’t leave my hair super dry or straw like. Then, I divide my naps in four sections, add my Deep Conditioner, and finger it from the roots down. This way I know all the product is equal enough through the hair. I leave the conditioner in for about five minutes to soak in then rinse everything out. Ok so, I am so obsessed with the Leave-In Conditioner.

First off, it smells bomb and it makes my hair feel like I have been laying in silk sheets all day! So, I rap it up for about five to ten minutes to make sure the extra water in out then add the Curl Sculptor and the Styling Cream.  To be honest, It is the perfect BFF hair combo. If you want to be WOWed then you need this. Those two products together keeps my curl in place and not frizzy for days!

Finally, I let the wind do its work, drying it naturally. Once my hair is all dry, you know we got to lay them edges with Slick Styling Tamer. A little goes a long way with the Slick Styling Tamer. Just add a little on the hair and grab a toothbrush and start scooping away. Let me tell you, this is the best product to scoop/swirl the edges in place. And this is my washing hair day.


Bree Lee

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