Guest Blog- GG Harris

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Being a Biracial Child means that I’m a perfect mix of both my mom, who is white and my dad who is African American, which makes me very unique.  I have curly hair from my dad, yet I have blonde and red highlights from my mom.  Mixed Chicks products have been part of my hair routine since I was born.  I can’t go without the Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner.  Using Mixed Chicks makes my hair soft and makes my curls spring back into action.

Whenever I wear my hair down I’m always complimented on my curls and asked, “what do you use in your hair?”  I always tell everyone “Mixed Chicks.”  It’s the only products that truly gives my hair its luscious curls.

I have always had a head full of hair and have always loved how Mixed Chicks hair products have made my hair soft and silky instead of crunchy and dry.  I am a true believer in the products and love the Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and Leave In-Conditioner.

If there was any other product I would like to try it would be the Mixed Chicks Co-Wash.

I love my hair and wouldn’t want it any other way! Just like my fun, bubbly personality, I’ve been told my hair makes a statement when I walk in the room and I just smile and say thank you.

Thanks, Mixed Chicks for your products.  I can’t live without them!!

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