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Guest Blog-Ghislaine

mixed chicks 2

My hair started out in two styles; in a bun or straight. It wasn’t straight because it’s naturally straight, it was straight because it was processed with relaxers and heat damaged from the daily heat I would put on it. It wasn’t cute!  I was so abusive to my own hair until one day that all changed. It was the day I went to a “professional” to get my hair relaxed for my birthday. I was so excited only to be left with a horror story I will tell for the rest of my life. My head was burning, my hair was falling out during the processing and the worst part; she tried to grease my missing hair back onto my head leaving me with sores and a new hair do. While I rocked short hair for a while, I reevaluated how I would view my hair in the long run. I promised myself that day forward that I will treat my hair like my baby and that’s what I did!

The Mixed Chicks products truly define a multicultural revolution, allowing women all over the world to express their confidence and self-love through hair one product at a time. I discovered Mixed Chicks hair products at the beginning of my natural hair journey starting with the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner. I’m not a big fan of products that weigh my hair down and I have yet to find a leave-in conditioner that beats the Mixed Chicks one. It is so lightweight and leaves my hair soft and curls super defined without the use of gel. From the 2017 line, my ultimate favorite product is the Coil, Kinks and Curl Styling cream. I’m the type of curly girl that values definition over volume. This product is amazing and keeps my curls poppin’! I also love the slick styling tamer for my edges. This tamer doesn’t leave my edges flaky or hard when dried.

I am so glad to have found Mixed Chicks hair products and will continue to empower other women around the world to embrace their natural hair and self-love. #Itsminetodefine