Guest Blog: “My Hair Evolution Using HIS MIX”- Teko Lewis


BLOG: My Hair Evolution Since Using His Mix

I’m Teko Lewis, a producer, singer/songwriter, and model from San Diego, California. I became an influencer because I wanted to be apart of a line that understood the needs and wants for men and after my first use, I was really impressed.  Its great for my everyday routine, easy to use, and by far the best products I’ve used on my hair. I was familiar with the brand already so when I noticed they had a men’s collection I had to try it out. I’ve had numerous hairstyles in the past from dyed mohawks to simple twist but because I didn’t know how to take care of my hair properly I would have to cut it off and start-over due to unhealthy hair. I knew if I really wanted my hair to be longer I needed to start understanding the natural process and treating it better. For men, I believe the hardest part about having natural hair is not knowing what products to use so we leave it dry, use random cheap products that we find at the store, or just cut it off. 

My favorite part about the line up is its simplicity. Some lines have so many steps that most men don’t really bother using them. His Mix line is four products that have everything that my hair needs for health and styling so I don’t have to switch between different products and brands. Honestly, Since using His Mix, I haven’t used another product on my hair. It works great for me, I’m noticing a difference in growth and softness, and I don’t feel the need to try anything else.

My favorite products are the conditioners. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and the leave-in conditioner is lightweight and does a great job hydrating my hair making it great for my model sessions so my hair doesn’t look stiff and dry. The styling gel is better than any other gel I’ve used besides the Mix Chicks styling gel. It gets the job done without leaving residue in my hair, or weighing it down so I still get that loose clean look while also a strong hold on my curls whether wearing my hair out or pulled into a man bun. Most men products I’ve used have only focused on the smell, though it smells great they didn’t work well for my hair type. This line smells great and works very well for my curl pattern.  It’s also the only product that brought out all of my curls while keeping my hair completely moisturized. I know most people think Mixed Chicks is only for one hair type but it’s not. It’s Great for all natural types, and you should try it out for yourself. Especially men who are like me and don’t know much about proper hair care, and all of the natural hair steps but still looking for good products. 

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