Guest Blog: Johanna De La Cruz


My hair journey started 3 years ago. Three years ago I realized that it was time for me to love and embrace my hair for what it really was! It was time for me to brush off that mentality that was taught to us growing up, that if your hair wasn’t straightened, it wasn’t beautiful.

I decided to transition. I started to learn my hair and to take care of it. I gradually trimmed, did weekly deep treatments and monthly protein treatments. The journey wasn’t easy but it sure was worth it! My curls started to flourish and it was very impressive. I finally accepted my hair for what it really was! I documented my process and progress from beginning to end on my social media. I did this to encourage myself and inspire others.

I empower myself by being creative each day and remaining positive regardless of all the negativity that’s happening around me. During the week, I sit and think of ideas and ways to become better at what I love to do and what I’m aspiring to be. I try to empower others by using my platform and encouraging them to do the same.

I just want to encourage those who are afraid to embrace their natural. One way that I create my own beauty standards is by not letting the naysayers get in the way of what it is that I’m doing or trying to accomplish. My motto is ” When they tell you you can’t…say watch me”!That has been my mentality and that’s what keeps me going. Don’t let anyone dim your light!

Throughout my journey of learning what my hair liked and didn’t like, I’ve became a product junkie and started trying and using all types of curl friendly products. And then I was introduced to Mixed Chicks 2017 line and fell in love. I tried the coil, kink and coil styling cream which gave me so much moisture. I also love the Curl sculptor which gave me so much definition. These have to be one of my favorite product line by far.