Guest Blog: “Keeping My Curls Protected When Applying Heat”- Kristina Buckner


Growing up, I hated the task of styling my hair. My thick curly hair never seemed to “fit in” with the other girls on the block. It could have been the hairspray and gel my mother gave me to style it, which ultimately dried it out.  Or it could have very well been the endless days I spent in heavily chlorinated pools.

Throughout my life I battled with so many hair products. Once I felt a hair product was working, all of a sudden – – it stopped. My hair story is my DRY hair that is quick to absorb any and every little drip of product within hours. My hair story is my SPLIT ENDS from straightening my hair so much that my ends are beginning to shrivel. My hair story is my DRY SCALP that irritatingly seems to worsen after every shampoo. My hair story is my VIT D deficiency that has taken nearly 5 inches off my hair over the past 5 years. My hair story is me trying to find a balance that will allow me to continue to have a great looking, healthy scalp and hair that will grow, while protecting it from heat.

I love my curls, but for simplicity and time sake, I tend to follow the straightening iron. As a matter of fact, I have straightened my hair so much now that when I don’t straighten my hair my curls are merely gone. And

For all these reasons, I absolutely love Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum, Hair Silk and Replenishing Oil. The Mixed Chicks Replenishing Oil helps my scalp and hair lock in moisture to help with my dry scalp and dry ends. The Mixed Chicks Straightening serum noticeably locks in my hair follicles to prevent breakage, so much that even my hairdresser is impressed! The Mixed Chicks Hair Silk helps my hair keep a healthy shine throughout the day without the dry or weighed down feeling. As a busy woman on – the –  go, it’s important for me to be able to have products as simple and easy to use such as these in my routine.

I’m a happy Mixed Chick 🙂