Guest Blog: Kiemeisha Harris- My Hair Evolution


…so this is probably the fourth time in life, in which I’ve gone natural.  I began my natural hair journey in college, but just could not seem to stick with it. Consequently, I felt defeated.

Growing up, I have always had a ton of thick hair, so for me, this seemed to make my attempts at transitioning, even more challenging. I, not only had to try to figure out what would work for my texture, but also find product that would be sufficient enough, and last more than just a couple days, before it’d be time to purchase more. And in college, my last priority was investing in natural hair care product. My money was for partying!

To date, this is the fourth/final time of complete transition, and I don’t think one could EVER pay me to reverse my path! I absolutely LOVE being natural. Not only does it have the greatest health benefits, but has also helped me to embrace my natural, organic beauty, alongside my journey of self-love, and so much more. I have never felt so liberated, free, and more beautiful, than I do now. My hair has versatility, perseverance, bounce, shine, great elasticity, and sooooo many other great features– I could go on and on.  The best advice I could give to all of my fellow transitioners, curlistas, and curlistas-in-training, is to simply love your hair– and I promise, it will love you back. This is my story. And it is my journey.

Who run the world?!? Curls!

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