Guest Blog- LaLa


We are most definitely a huge fan of the Mixed Chicks hair products now! This was our first time experiencing this high quality product. Lala has a ton of hair that it extremely curly and thick. So we were excited to see how this product would work out for the health of her hair and the texture of her hair. In our review we used the Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Mixed Chicks Conditioner, and the Mixed Chicks Tangle Tamer. We also received the Mixed Chicks Detangling brush and hair ties. The last thing we received was a Mixed Chicks Hair Guide. It felt like Christmas in a box!

Lala stated that the Mixed Chicks Hair Conditioner was very cooling to her scalp and smelled like tangerines. She loves tangerines, so that was a plus for her. The product made her curls pop like we had never seen before.

We of course used the Mixed Chicks Tangle Tamer last with the Mixed Chicks detangling brush. I typically just use my fingers to detangle Lala’s hair. We have never used a brush to get her tangles out. We were not sure if a lot of her hair would come out once we used the product, so we were a bit skeptical. When we used the brush, none of her hair came out at all. We will definitely keep using all of the Mixed Chicks hair products.

In conclusion, we have found that this product smells amazing, leaves a curled defining, and frizz free look. Her curls were long-lasting. She could not stop talking about the product and was ecstatic about the outcome. We will be telling more people about this product and will for sure continue to use it on Lala’s hair.