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Guest Blog- Marina


“All you beautiful curl-friends know, live by and believe me that our curls are our crowns. Without a doubt, a good hair manifests itself in my mood, my actions and my every interaction with others. For me, I always want my curls to look best and that requires a lot of love and nourishing my hair and fail proof, OG, good for your hair, products. In other words, let’s just say I am THRILLED to work with Mixed Chicks and feature their most recent – Fall 2017 – product line. I’ve been using Mixed Chicks products for year so I’m thrilled to feature these products on the blog! These products look, feel, smell [Yeah, most importantly smell] divine. Did I mention that some of these products are never leaving my bathroom shelves ever again – I’ll tell you my favourites in a bit.

ABOUT those favourites: The Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash is absolutely amazing, it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. I use this first, followed by Daily Hair Dress.

My absolute favourite has to be Coil, Kinks & Waves Styling Cream. It smells amazing and is a fabulous base before the Curl Sculptor and the Styling Gel.

My curly hair type is more of a type 3b/3c and because that’s quite a temperamental hair type if you apply too much styling products you get weighed down, greasy looking curls. On the contrary, too little styling products and you have yourself Diana Ross’s 80’s afro. My curls have been a little dry from the cold winter weather despite how often I do deep conditioning treatments, but even with that the Mixed Chicks Products worked amazingly with my hair texture. I can only imagine how much better they’d be with my hair in a healthier state. Hope you guys enjoy the video below!

Thanks Mixed Chicks!”