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Guest Blog: Marlenys Discusses Her Natural Hair Journey


I remember sitting on the floor between my mothers legs while she struggled to do protective styles on my thick curly hair. My mom had a unique way of styling my hair. She would do about 8 different kinds of pony tails with braids and twist and, if that wasn’t enough, she tied my hair with colorful twin bead hair ties. At that point, you almost can’t wait to be old enough to do your own hair and ones you begin, it becomes a bitter sweet moment.

The solution to everything for me was a simple visit to the beauty salon. For a long time I believed in order to feel beautiful, my hair needed to be straight and long. I’m not saying that straight long hair isn’t beautiful, I just wish a lot more people would feel more beautiful and accepted without it.

For years my hair suffered with heat damage from using flat irons on a day by day basis and I also had hair thinning from wearing extensions. What made me go natural? I got tired. I began to dread my weekly visit to the salon. It was a scary feeling to believe that I would never be able to stop using extensions to make up for the thinning of my hair caused by the extensions them self. Silly right? After my big chop, I made a commitment to stay away from heat and focus on deep treatments and oils to stimulate growth and repair damage.

I think the most interesting part of going natural is learning how to care for your hair. Learning about your hair is essential. Learning about different hair types, different hair products and how to use the products, is the fun part of the journey.  Being natural is a whole new world, a different culture. It’s a rebellious movement created by bold individuals.  There are so many stories to be told, so many stories to be heard. The fact that you can walk in a crowd during that awkward hair phase where your hair isn’t cooperating and still own it, that’s what makes you unique, that’s what makes your journey special.