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Guest Blog: Model Veronica Brown Review’s Our 2017 Line

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 Mixed chicks has come out with a new complete line of hair care and its the ‘Mixed Chicks – A Multicultural Revolution’ These products are amazing and I can’t even deal!

First we have the Conditioning Cleansing Co-wash. Its “a creamy based, no later cleanser that hydrates with Olive, jojoba and castor oil (which my hair loves) that gently removes impurities, preserves the moisture, restores strength and flexibility for easy detangling” My hair and I was shocked with this product delivery. Usually you’ll get a very creamy lathery co-wash and this did not at all do that! It felt more of an creamy lotion being applied to the hair and my hair almost immediately reacted as I was able to finger comb my through my hair, I was stunned!

This collection also comes with three dressings you can apply for desired styles. There is the Daily Hair Dress that is for already dried hair and can be applied same or next day, acting like a lotion for the hair. The Curl Sculptor is going to create those flawless curls you need, this product distributes alike liquid so a little goes a long way. Lastly you have the Styling Gel where a little goes a long way as well, the liquid texture alike other gels, its a bit thinner but does the job. It leaves your hair in a slight crunch and but defines the curls and also provides that shine we all like!

Next we have the Morning After Redefining foam. This foam is less like a moose. It gives your next day flat hair life. It’s known as your hang over pill in the collection. This foam comes out light weight and provides a very lathering texture that can distribute through the hair evenly when sectioned off into parts. What I like most about this product is the smell of citrus, giving you that wake up feeling. It’s a very light product and I will definitely be using this more often for my hang over hair!

This line on top of all the amazing products introduces their Mixed Chicks Coil, Kink, and Curl Styling cream. Its a must have. With this product I was able to apply to my ends of my hair and crown area to bring my curls back to life. It was very nice to have a product that you can apply evenly, that my hair loved.

You know, I loveeeee a good edge control and if you think this line didn’t do it all, well, they did! I was like nah, they didn’t, but they did! They added even a Slick Styling Tamer that included Castor & Coconut Oil. It really does the trick. It’s flexible enough for that completed style you need when you need to slick back those fly aways and baby hairs!

Over all these products are madness, I am loving each and everyone of them! My hair is really loving the products and I can’t wait to see what else my hair can do with in these products!

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