Guest Blog: “My Curly Hair Journey”-Veronica

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When I was a kid my mom spent endless hours washing, conditioning, moisturizing and maintaining my hair; she was my personal stylist. I had ponytails, pigtails, braids, you name it – all wonderfully accessorized. The end result was cute, but as a kid none of that matters. I had neither the patience nor appreciation for the process. It was painfully long and at times the pulling and the partitioning of the hair was not particularly comfortable. Why you ask? I had a LOT of hair, which meant combing and detangling usually brought me to the point of tears – no joke. To add to the volume, my hair was thick (still is) – there was a particular art to the detangling process. My main problem was that anything that took more than 5 minutes felt like eternity in my eyes. Clearly, the concept of time is unforgivingly long when you’re a kid, but that’s a separate topic in and of itself. The valuable lesson I learned (years later) is that hair detangling hurts less if you sit still and work through the kinks and knots in a strategic manner like partitioning your hair and working through the difficult parts from the bottom up.

Fast-forward to today, I now have to detangle and style my own hair and yes, it’s still difficult to manage. The most difficult part, however, has been finding the right type of hair product that my curls appreciated. I tried numerous products, most of which have proven to be ineffective.

Luckily, that changed a few years ago when my mom casually mentioned this hair product by the name of “MIXED CHICKS”. I secretly hoped it would be the one – almost sounds like finding your true love, no? Well, it was. As soon as I started using the MIXED CHICKS leave-in conditioner the results were immediate. My curls were tighter, well defined and bouncy. On days that I use the MIXED CHICKS leave-in conditioner, people notice the difference in my hair.

Healthy hair is paramount and I’m grateful to have found this product. Girls with curly hair around the world, mixed or not, will find that this leave-in conditioner does wonders. What used to be a painful part of my day as a kid is now my source of happiness as an adult. I love my roots and I love expressing them through my hair. It’s refreshing to see girls around the world embracing their curls because they are packed with (his)/(her)story. Embrace them. Your curls, your rules.