Guest Blog- “My Hair Evolution”- Desiree Irving


My Hair Evolution: How My Styling Game Has Evolved

Ever since I can remember, I have been a student of art in different facades of this life. I am an artist, and for a very long time, hair has been my canvas. I  have passion for so many things – and healthy hair is certainly a large part of that spectrum. My name is Desiree’ S. Irving, a licensed and published hair stylist from Spencer, Oklahoma.

When I became licensed in 2002, there were not as many things on the market for natural hair types, as there are now. This made it hard to tell clients what products they could buy locally. Most products that worked for multi-textural hair, was only available on a professional level. In a sense, that was ok for me but, not so much for my clients. In my work, I like to provide the client with the total experience, which includes providing answers to lingering questions about their hair type in particular, and, insight on aftercare. So, this brought me to deeper research for these things and much more. I needed to be certain about these things for myself.

As a result, I’ve tried many products. I’ve tried full lines, as well as those sold as single products. A lot worked, but there were still a lot of limitations in what I found. And again, I was trying to keep the diverse clientele I was developing in mind. At the end of the day, I found that a lot of products still were not made with multicultural hair types in mind. Then came Mixed Chicks! I can’t lie, when I first heard about the line, I immediately went to “Oh no! Not another product line to try. I don’t want to bother if it’s not going to work”. But, I’m so glad I did. It was definitely worth it. Such a beautiful surprise! This line is solid. And best of all, it has worked on ALL HAIR TYPES, which is so important. I don’t want to carry thousands of products back and forth from set work to the salon. I need products that work well regardless of the matter.

Going forward, I know that I will always have my go-to Mixed Chick products in my stylist bag. Three of my favorites right now are the Styling Gel, Slick Styling Tamer, and Styling Cream. The Styling Gel applies light, but the hold is fierce! It will definitely stay until you decide to wash it out. With Slick Styling Tamer, it is as magical as it sounds. It has a soft yet solid hold, with super shine and smells like heaven. Lastly, the Styling Cream is great to use lightly for moisturizing the hair, or, can be used a bit more heavy for supreme curl definition. I’m sold on this line and I can not wait to see what else is in store. Stylists, influencers, bloggers and naturalistas alike need it. From Mixed Chicks to the world!

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