Guest Blog: “My Hair Evolution”- Whitney Alexander


My whole life I had long, thick hair. Up until I was nine, my hair was natural. I wore my hair in braids majority of the time, not because I was using protective styles, but because I was a tomboy and I disliked any other hair style. Once my natural hair became too much for my mom to handle, she put a perm in it. I continued to put a perm in my hair until after I went away to college. Since I was in college I could not afford to continue to get a perm. I also noticed how damaged and broke off my hair was becoming, especially around my edges and my ends. On my 21st birthday I decided to go back natural!


It was discouraging at first. One of the first produces that I tried when I started transitioning back to natural was Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. My permed hair hated it! When my curls really started to come in it was exciting to see the huge difference between the hair textures of my permed hair and my natural curls. It took me three years to fully transition. Now that my hair is completely natural I have a great appreciation for my natural hair and those who are natural. I’m having fun trying new products and new hairstyles. I just recently started trying hair products that my hair did not like while transitioning. My hair loves the Mixed Chicks new line, especially the Daily Hair Dress.