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Guest Blog: Nicole Madison Reviews Our Co-Wash And Curl Sculptor


Doing my hair was never easy. I am mixed with an African American, Lebanese and Italian background. No one in my family knew what to do with my crown of curls, which left me feeling defeated more times than not. I fell in love with Mixed Chicks when I first tried it a number of years ago. I was frustrated, and wanted a quick fix to my wash and go. I first tried the leave in conditioner and it was nothing short of amazing. I didn’t need to add gel or anything. Just the leave in. That was it! I was amazed! Now I have a lot of hair, it’s thick coarse and long, so if all I needed was a leave-in to tame all of my curls, I couldn’t wait to try their new line of products.

I first started my wash day with the Conditioning Cleansing Co-wash. It says that it will hydrate hair with added olive, jojoba and caster oils; and remove impurities. My first impression was that it smells heavenly! In addition to the scent, I loved the creamy consistency. I sectioned my hair and got to work.  As an added plus, I was even able to detangle my hair using this. I am typically not a fan of co-washes, but this one actually felt like a conditioner when I applied it, yet left my hair feeling clean and hydrated afterwards.


Typically, when I do my hair, I use a Leave-In Conditioner, a curl styler and end with gel. I liked that I can easily replace this line with my normal routine. I first divided my hair into four sections to ensure that the product was evenly distributed throughout my hair. I started with the Coil, Kink and Curl Styling Cream. This actually reminded me of the Mixed Chicks Leave In-Conditioner except a little thicker. It says that it retains moisture and promotes growth (an added bonus). I liked this cream because it is versatile, it can be used with: wash and gos, two strand twists and other curly styles. When I applied it to my hair, it was quickly absorbed and left my hair feeling moisturized.

I followed up with the Curl Sculptor. What stood out the most was that it stated that it was fast drying, defines and elongates curls. I was curious about the fast drying, because my hair usually takes forever to dry. The consistency was very light and thin, I only needed a quarter sized amount for each section which also surprised me.

Also included was Slick Styling Edge Tamer with caster and coconut oil, which I used to slick down my edges. Normally when I slick down my edges, within a few hours they curl up, but I was pleased to discover that this one kept the hold without the residue.

Overall the line was nothing short of amazing. All of the products smelled awesome and my hair dried super fast, which I loved. Each product had a different benefit and all of them kept their promise of moisturizing your hair while still keeping an awesome elongated hold. The line works awesome together, but I also like the fact that you can use each as a stand alone product if getting the whole line isn’t in your budget. Also their chap stick is everything!