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Guest Blog- Ryan




For most of my life my curls have been the result of me being too lazy to go to the salon or do it
myself. I constantly straightened my hair to fit within the confines of what I had come to believe as
beautiful. I desperately sought validation from the world around me, so it really didn’t matter to me who I
was, as long as I was liked. I achieved half of this likability by going to my favorite Dominican Salon.
After sitting under the dryer for an hour in rollers, I would head to the chair where my beautician would
spend 45 minutes blow drying my hair with what felt like 200 degrees followed by the flat ironing of my

In March, I was sitting in my beauticians chair. It was my first visit to the salon after chopping off
my hair (my first attempt at leading my soul life.) I stared at my reflection in the mirror my eyes
exhausted after being under the dryer for the past hour. I watched as my beautician put my hair between
brush and blow dryer, and with my hair literally smoking through my tired gaze I said to myself… “
“How long is your hair going to own you?”
That was the last time I went to the salon, and the last time I straightened my hair.
It was difficult in the beginning, especially committing to natural hair after chopping major inches
off of it. Yet I struck it out. Now nine months later…My hair has gone from shy girl to HEY GIRL. I look
back on this very personal journey towards self awareness, freedom and soul love with enormous

It was at the moment that I stopped ironing out my life and let it run wild that I finally began
living. I opened up my soul to the world around me and with that came the reflection of all the the things I
had been running away from and all the tools I needed in order to be my better self. Doors closed, new
ones opened, adventures were taken, I connected with my joys, pains, my passions, my voice, my inner
child. With this reignition of my best self I have become a better daughter, friend, artist and human.
Now, I am not by any means saying that if you stop straightening your hair your life will be
forever changed, what I am saying is the moment you start owning your life instead of it owning you, is
the moment we all step into the path towards our best self thus being better human beings. And while as a
Gemini I know it is a difficult mentality to adapt, sometimes something as simple as leaving your hair in
its natural state can be that physical reminder that we need to propel us from being in the world to living
in the world.