Guest Blog- Sanaa

Hey yall I’m Sanaa. I’m 2 and a half years old, and I’m an amazing creation of a Thai dad and African-American mom. I had the straightest hair until I turned 1 year old then my hair started to curl at the ends. My mom had a hard time finding products that worked for my hair type. A lot of the products were either to heavy for my hair, or they left my hair looking and feeling dry. Finally, she found mixed chicks for kids, and it’s been smooth sailing from then on.
My two problem areas were dryness and tangles at the ends of my hair. Since my mom started using the mixed chicks kids leave in conditioner daily paired with the tangle tamer, my curls have an awesome shine to them. We’ve been using the products over a year now and my hair has grown a lot.
I’m not a fan of wash day because i don’t like water in my face, however, I do love that it doesn’t take my mom as long to detangle my hair when she uses the mixed chicks for kids conditioner. I’m also no longer running from my mom when she says it’s time to do my hair.????
Thanks to mixed chicks kids my curls are bouncing and behaving