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Guest Blog: “Sisters Who Stand Out!”

Amelia and Delilah red barn (1)

This is Amelia (age 4) and Delilah (age 2, sorry, almost 3), they are sisters who stand out! Most people don’t believe they are full sisters since their coloring is so different, but their curly hair is what connects them. We were introduced to Mixed Chicks for kids when Amelia was one years old and her hair started turning curly, we have been using the Kid’s Quad Pack ever since.

When we first started using the four part hair care, their dad was very against it. He didn’t want the extra work compared to the single baby shampoo we had been using and didn’t think it was worth the effort. However, it only took one time of using these products for him to realize the difference in how easy it was to take care of our daughter’s hair. Not only was it easier to brush after her bath, but it was easier to style the next day too! He became a firm believer in this hair care and sticks to it religiously.

I have never separated the Kid’s Quad Pack to use individually, however, I think the leave-in conditioner and detangling spray make the biggest daily difference for us. Having two toddlers and both parents working full-time, we tend to be limited on time. We take baths at night every other day (sometimes two, oops) and rely on the leave-in conditioner to help keep their hair from getting too tangled while they are sleeping. The detangling spray saves our mornings though, it helps from getting the knots out of the back of Delilah’s head to rejuvenating Amelia’s frizzy curls for the day. I still can’t believe I can brush their hair in the morning and it goes back to defined curls, mine doesn’t do that!


Ever since Delilah came home with painted, stringy hair full of glitter we have made an effort to style their hair during the week to help limit the damage from being at daycare all day. This typically means braids, pony tails, and buns which can cause their own damage. This is another place where we get benefits from Mixed Chicks, as the products protect their hair. The small rubber bands tend to rip/break hair and the tight styles add stress as well. As their hair gets longer we are able to reduce some of that, but the impact of using quality products is noticeable.

We always start with the detangling spray and the mixed chicks brush, then we can switch to adding water and using finer combs and brushes depending on the style. Of course, on days with special occasions, we make an effort to bathe in the morning so we can make sure their curls are as perfect as possible. It is so nice to know that I can always rely on their hair being perfect without any extra effort. Just add the leave-in conditioner and we are set! Beautiful, smooth, ringlets that can last all day (if we avoid car seats).

At this point in their young lives, I’m not sure if having curly hair has become a part of their personalities or if their personalities are only amplified because of their curly hair. They each match their hair so perfectly that it is hard to tell! We make an effort to talk about how special and unique they are to have such beautiful hair as we know there will be times when they are older that they wish they didn’t have it. All we can hope is that more people wear their hair natural to show examples to young kids what it means to be mixed and embrace their special, unique, and beautiful looks.

You can follow Amelia and Delilah on Instagram to learn more about them and hear their funny stories by checking out their hashtags: #BabyMillieLou and #BabyDelilahKate