Guest Blog: S’more Sistas Yasmeen

S’more Sistas partnership with Mixed Chicks
Yasmeen creates fun hairstyles for her Sisters/YouTube partners before every video shoot. Their YouTube channel is called S’more Sistas. Their channel is full of fun DIY, challenges, and hair tutorials. Kaylee is a big Ariana Grande fan, hence the cat ears headband. Yasmeen did a quick & easy style right before their Game Night video shoot. Kaylee started by washing her hair with the Mixed Chicks Co Wash. She loved it because it was in all in one (shampoo & conditioner), which made it a faster process to wash her hair. After she finished washing her hair, detangling the curls was a breeze. Her hair had less tangles and a soft texture. Yasmeen parted Kaylee’s hair to do a half down, half up hairstyle. After she finished parting, she added Mixed Chicks Curly Sculptor throughout her hair to lock in the curls. The Curl Sculptor did a great job with locking in moisture and controlling her frizz. She then used the Mixed Chicks Styling Gel to slick her hair into a ponytail. What she liked most about the gel, was that it did not flake. Typically styling gels can flake and show white particles in the hair when it dries. That was a big plus in creating this hairstyle. Yasmeen’s favorite product while doing Kaylee’s hair, was the Mixed Chicks Slick Styling Edge Tamer. She used it to style her edges and it really made the hairstyle pop!!! The edge tamer is shiny, but does not flake when dry. This is the best edge product ever!! Thank you Mixed Chicks for awesome hair products. Her hair turned out so cute & the girls loved the products. You can find the S’more Sistas on Instagram and YouTube @smoresistas