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Guest Blog- SoSo Cherie


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and had a fabulous weekend. My name is Sophia and I have been natural since 2011. My hair is bleached blonde meaning it can be prone to dryness, with that being said, I’m constantly on the lookout for new products that will make my hair healthy, soft and shiny. After having my baby a year ago, it was really hard to take of my hair, so I decided to cut it and start over. In the meantime, I started my youtube channel, which focuses on natural hair and mommy videos. I came across these fabulous hair products I’ve been using recently by mixed chicks 2017 line and decided to give it a try and give you guys my thoughts & opinion in the process. When I first received this product, I couldn’t wait to try it. By the way, I have a thing about wanting the products I use to smell nice and this one really got me.

In this video, I’m using the styling gel, one of my favorite product from the line as you can see it has been able to keep my curls intact with my “wash and go” which has been my go-to hairstyle. This product is very lightweight and is slightly scented, my hair does not feel heavy at all and my curls are very defined. Along with that, I have paired it with the styling tamer for my edges, it’s amazing. It has the texture of pomade, it’s not sticky and has a lot of shine, in terms of hold, it does its job. Am so glad I got to get my hands on these. Again, a big thumbs up! I highly recommend to anyone, hope you all enjoyed this curly hair product review. I love these products. I don’t have anything bad to say about them.