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Guest Blog- Stephanie Johnson



I feel that everyone should embrace their natural hair and natural beauty! Being a mixed chick and having curly hair has really opened me up to trying out a variety of different products… I came across The Mixed Chicks Products and tried them out and was AMAZED at the results. I love to help others to realize that they CAN find the right product and they CAN have healthy, beautiful hair! Inspiring others to take care of their hair the right way is my passion!! I love seeing people rocking new healthy natural styles and taking care of their hair!! Having healthy hair is lovely and I feel that everyone should love their hair they have and take care of it! Growing up as a mixed chick, it was hard finding the right products for my hair and Mixed Chicks products has helped me completely! I love how they have several products to work with all different types of styles!! Finding out about mixed chicks has helped my hair sooo much over the years and I’m so grateful for that. I advice anyone that wants to take control of their hair to try out Mixed Chicks products. You will be amazed at the results! I think a lot of people struggle to find the right products for their hair and end up giving up because they simply don’t think the right product is out there for them. But that’s not true, there are plenty of products out there for all different hair types, and I enjoy sharing with others the products that I use and the results that they give me! Inspiring people is what I love to do and I plan on continuing to do so for the rest of my life! I love that I can go to Mixed Chicks products for the BEST results. I love being a mixed chick and I love being natural!

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