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How-To: Styling With Your Favorite Mixed Chicks Product

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share my styling secrets using my favorite Mixed Chicks products! Since discovering this hair care line, styling my hair has been super easy, and I always love the way my curls look after using Mixed Chicks.

My two main go-to styles are leaving my hair down, to show off my curls, and a messy bun to suit my active lifestyle. When leaving my hair down and curly, my favorite Mixed Chicks products to use are the Curl Sculptor and the Morning After Redefining Foam. If my hair is tangled and needs to be combed when I wake up, I wet my hair with water, detangle it and apply some Curl Sculptor to shape my curls into pretty ringlets. The consistency of the product is super light and not too viscous making it easy to work through your hair. I also love this product because it dries quickly, never leaving my hair to look wet for hours on end like most products do.

Sometimes I wake up and my curls look good, but my hairstyle needs freshening up, so this is when I turn to the Morning After Redefining Foam. This is the first product I have found that works without wetting my hair first. Just like it’s name describes, it redefines and rejuvenates my curls within minutes. It’s foam consistency leaves curls looking and feeling revitalized. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on your hair, but look like you did, I highly recommend using the Morning After Redefining Foam.

When I know my day is going to be long, and I do not want to worry about how my hair is going to look by the end of the day, I throw it into a messy bun. My only issue with this style is trying to control the little curly flyaways that pop up throughout the day. However, now that I use the Mixed Chicks Styling Gel, I no longer have to deal with this problem! The Styling Gel is perfect for holding any style you choose to wear. I apply this product to where I want my hair to look sleek, smooth my curls using a rat tail comb and, just like that, my hair is ready to take on the day.

I love when my curls are loose and soft, and Mixed Chicks helps me achieve this look daily. Whether I want to leave my hair down, try a new style or create a fun up-do, Mixed Chicks has the product to help me do just that. I love Mixed Chicks, and I know I will be using it’s product line for years to come!