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Guest Blog- Tyra Wade



Bath time when I was a kid was the most dreadful part of the day. I remember running around the house trying to escape my mom. Combing out my hair in the shower was always so painful since my hair would easily tangle. I never had a conditioner that really helped with detangling my curls. I eventually got used to the pain, however, my curls have become way more dry, frizzier, and thicker than they used to be.

For me, playing sports since I was 3 years old = keeping my hair in a ponytail 24 7.

Being a former collegiate softball player, I never wanted to deal with how frizzy or big my hair got when I was on the field. That was the least of my worries. I would constantly want to hide my curls in a bun or a ponytail with a headband during games and practices. That only made my curls and my scalp dry in the long-run.

Fast-Forwarding to today, I’ve tried about 15 different conditioners, constantly searching for one that is light-weight and helps with detangling. I have also been looking for the perfect everyday products that keep my curls hydrated, since they tend to get dry and frizzy very easily. Mixed Chicks products have been working magic on my curls. I have been using the Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash and its light-weight and makes my curls easy to detangle.

The other products that I really love to use from Mixed Chicks are the Styling Gel and Styling Cream together. The styling cream really conditions my hair and I can’t talk enough about the amazing SMELL. After I use the styling cream, I use the styling gel to help define and hold my curls where they need to be. This gel doesn’t leave your scalp flakey, which I have experienced numerous times from other gels.

Accepting my curls has been a struggle since I can remember. My dad would always tell me “people pay money to get curls like yours, embrace them!” For many many years I would always just throw my hair up in a bun to avoid the battle with my curls. I can finally now say I LOVE my curls. With the help from Mixed Chicks, I feel confident in showing my curls off and I am no longer hiding them. I am a proud #mixedchick