Guest Blog:”What Are You?”-Nia Stewart



The most asked question I always get is what are you? My names Is Nia Ashley Stewart and I’m a Mixed Chick.  Are you Spanish, Hawaiian, Middle eastern? No, I’m MIXED. Being a mixed chick is always something I take pride in being, for one no one can ever guess what I am, ever. Being of Guyanese and African American decent I get a taste of both worlds culturally. Growing up mixed you get to see how both sides of your family perceive “mixed hair”. Growing up half African American you always get the “oh you got good hair” or “you don’t have our hair”. When on my Guyanese side they believe in taming anything “wild” and keeping a straight “together” look. My Hair was never just “hair” on both sides. As I got older and became more in touch with myself, I learned that some cultures just aren’t educated on mixed hair, curly hair, natural hair and the names go on.

So, every question I got from anyone who was curious about my hair I would and still do educate them on how to take care of curly hair. What do you put in your hair? Is the second highly asked question I normally get. The key for me to getting my curls perfect is always using a cream and a gel! Not all brands keep multicultural hair in mind when making products that go well together. I’m so happy that I came across Mixed Chicks. They have created a line of hair care products that keeps every mixed chick in mind, where they can just read their label and automatically feel a connection to the name Mixed Chick! I’m so glad I got the chance to try out mixed chicks New Co Wash, Curl Sculptor and Styling Gel. I loved the Curl Sculptor because it was almost like water and my hair loves water based products. The quality and smell of their products are amazing and gave me great wash n go results!  Check out my video below for my results!