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Guest Blog: Xaviera Find Her Product Soulmate With Mixed Chicks

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After years and years and of trying curling hair products, I have finally found my soulmate product line, Mixed Chicks. Whether you are man or woman with wild kinky curls or perm treated wavy hair, you know the struggles of finding a product you can trust. I can’t tell you how much money and time I have spent to find a product that’s true to urban hair. I could’ve bought a small island! HA!

Most of life, I always felt people were staring at me because how big my hair is and I was uncomfortable with the attention. But, now as a woman into my 30’s – staying true to your beauty is the key! Anyone still searching for a well textured, non-chemical smell, affordability and results that will blow you away – Look no further! Mixed Chicks has your back OR hair I should say.

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