Guest Blog:My Natural Hair Journey- Aubreana Noble


My Natural Hair Journey

By; Aubreana Noble

Growing up I had very nappy, tangled, messy hair at least that’s what everyone said I just didn’t know how to manage my natural hair.  So, one day my mom decided to relax my hair at the age of eight thinking it would make it easier to deal with, while that was true it was destroying my beautiful natural hair. By the age 13 my curls were almost completely gone, they were very stringy and damaged.

I never knew my curls had potential then, I didn’t know about YouTube, I didn’t know anything about natural hair. I honestly didn’t know curls were a thing because at such a young age mine were damaged. Going to middle school I always wore my hair straight. I got a relaxer every month and got my hair done every 2 weeks because that’s the only way I knew how to look good. Growing up everyone always told me  “you have nappy hair to be a mixed girl” I always thought that was so rude but I never understood it because in middle school every one wore their hair straight.

Freshman year of high school I started to notice all the curly hair around my school. I thought it was beautiful but could never imagine that being me. I honestly thought the only way I could be beautiful is to have straight hair. I hated my natural hair, every time I washed my hair it would dry up so ugly, I was disgusted.

My sophomore year of high school all my friends had natural beautiful hair, which I adored but they told me I had to cut my hair to get mine like theirs and I just couldn’t think of myself bald. So, I just kept ignoring them and getting my relaxers. Until one day I was in the hair Salon July 2015, I was getting a relaxer and it started to burn the back of my neck really bad. At that moment I knew I didn’t want to kill my natural hair anymore. So, I started by stopping the relaxers and getting a haircut. If you are wondering if I did the big chop. No, I did not I was too chicken, so me and my hair stylist Tiffany came up with a plan to cut 2 inches off my hair every 3 months until the relaxer was fully gone. We did that for about a year until March of 2016, Then, I decided I wanted my hair cut into a bomb. After getting that cut I started to notice some curls but not much.

After realizing my curls were coming in a little, I decided to start taking more care of my hair by slowing down the heat, deep conditioning and by using the right products. In November of 2016 I decided to go ahead and get the rest of my damaged hair cut off by my friend Sydney.  After getting all the damage cut, my hair became very curly by December! In February I started my natural hair page on Instagram to document my curls because I had noticed how far they have come along. I’ve stopped using heat completely, I get my trims every 3 months and pay close attention to the products I put into my hair. Speaking of hair products here is my hair now from using Mixed Chicks a multicultural revolution line!

It’s beautiful, yes, I said it beautiful! I absolutely love my natural hair and can’t wait see where else I can go on this journey! I also love these products! Here is the link to my new tutorial on this line: