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Hola my fellow curls, fros, and kinks!

Hola my fellow curls, fros, and kinks! My name is Ezeleni and I am here to tell you my story on how I became an influencer.

Growing up with big, thick, and coarse hair in a generation where the “Natural Hair Movement” wasn’t really a thing was challenging. I can remember my mother taking me to get my hair straighten for picture day to only witness not too long after my hair frizzing up into a big oh puff before even getting my photo taken. Some of my friends will ask “did you even get your hair done?” I began to resent my hair. I would always look at the girls with straight hair and tell myself “Wow! I wish my hair was perfect like that.” Not too long after I discovered what a hot comb, relaxer and perm was by asking my friends who had coarse hair like myself how they were able to get their hair to keep still.

At 14 years old I got my first relaxer and my hair went from thick to thin but I was happy with the result as long as it allowed my wash & sets to last. But one relaxer wasn’t enough for me as I wanted my hair straighter because the media portrayed that type of hair to be what was most beautiful. The biggest mistake I made thus far! I lost my curls and the natural texture of hair. More than anything, I lost identity. I allowed others to identify my hair as they would say “you have black people hair” or “you don’t have Spanish Spanish hair.” What does black people or Spanish hair look like? Is that even a thing? If I knew what I know now I would turn to them and say “do you mean I have natural hair?”

Let’s fast forward to years later after attending so many college parties where my hair would be frizzy by the end of the night due to all the dancing. I wanted my curls back and after numerous of attempts of transitioning and leaving heat behind I managed to allow my curls to flourish. However, my curls has yet to hit the surface as I continue my journey with Mixed Chicks. Mixed Chicks was the #1 brand who has helped me during my transitioning process as their products contain the essential ingredients that my hair happens to absolutely adore. I became an influencer to empower others to embrace their hair in its natural state by sharing my story.  Don’t let anyone define your hair! Own it and dare to be natural!