Mixed Chicks: Your Hair Story Series -Tracey Copeland


By Desiree Johnson

Welcome to the Your Hair Story Series presented by Mixed Chicks. This dynamic, new innovative series allows Mixed Chicks users to share their personal stories behind their hair. Hair that kinks, coils, curls, waves, and tells a story reflecting their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Like our customers, hair comes in all shades, textures and shapes unique to each individual and here at Mixed Chicks we want to celebrate that to the utmost extent. Meet our exquisite Mixed Chicks women, men, and children who exhibit beauty from the root and give us honest, bold stories that we are honored to share with you.

Tracey Copeland

What does being “Mixed, Multiracial or Bi-racial) mean to you in 2017?


Being Multiracial means I can share the culture that my family has carried on for years. It also allows people to know that everyone is unique in their own way.

Do you have a go-to or token Mixed Chick Product you cannot go without?

My go-to is the Leave-in Conditioner Mixed Chick Product. After using this product my hair feels soft and easier to manage.

How has having a product specifically for your cultural/biracial/ethnic/multiracial background impacted your beauty regime?

Being able to use the Mixed Chick hair product it allows my hair to be at its healthier state because most hair care products are usually towards consumers who have straight and thin hair.


Do you use any other Mixed Chicks products as part of your beauty routine? 

I do not use any other Mixed Chicks products.

What new 2017 Mixed Chicks product are you interested in trying out? 

I am interested in trying the styling gel for Mixed Chicks because most hair styling gels leave your hair feeling dirty by the end of the day.

How do your curls/hair texture represent your cultural/ethnic background?

My curls represent my cultural background because my family has always taught me to love my hair regardless of how others look. I use to be ashamed of having curly or frizzy hair, but now I embrace all of it because it makes me who I am.

What is one feature of the Mixed Chicks brand that empowers your hair/beauty care? One feature that the Mixed Chick brand empowers my hair is the want of being free and accepting your hair for what it is. It’s not toward one specific race, but Mixed Chick welcomes all hair in every way.

Why is the hair revolution celebrating natural/healthy hair types vital for our generation? The hair revolution of celebrating natural hair is important for our generation and others to come is because the media portrays women as we should only look and act a certain way. But, with my hair amongst other curly haired beauties we break those stereotypes and encourage young girls to love and accept their hair.

Is there a (Mixed/Multiracial/Bi-racial) celebrity who empowers you? Tracee Ellis Ross empowers me because she is very outspoken and confident about the way her hair is and has also showcased her hair. Me and her are alike because she is very confident with her hair and doesn’t mind standing out from the crown and I adore her for that.

Do you have any go-to beauty/hair bloggers or vloggers who inspire or help your hairstyles? I enjoy following @santinihoudini because not only is she a free spirit and kind person, but her hair is always free just like mine. Her vlog allows me to try different hair routines as well as makeup tutorials. I also blog about self-acceptance and loving the person you are. Even if you haven’t reached a certain goal continue to push yourself and never give up on yourself.

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