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By Desiree Johnson

Welcome to the Your Hair Story Series presented by Mixed Chicks. This dynamic, new innovative series allows Mixed Chicks users to share their personal stories behind their hair. Hair that kinks, coils, curls, waves, and tells a story reflecting their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Like our customers, hair comes in all shades, textures and shapes unique to each individual and here at Mixed Chicks we want to celebrate that to the utmost extent. Meet our exquisite Mixed Chicks women, men, and children who exhibit beauty from the root and give us honest, bold stories that we are honored to share with you.


What does “Mixed, Multiracial or Bi-racial) mean to you in 2017?

It means that people are finally beginning to embrace the uniting of different cultures and ethnicities. No one is 100% any race. We are all multiracial in some capacity. The one true race we know that is definite, is the human race.

Do you have a go-to or token Mixed Chick Product you cannot go without? 

This may come as no surprise, but the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner is my favorite. The reasons are obvious but just to name a few, it is great when you don’t feel like cocktailing products together. It is an all in one product perfect for those summer wash n gos’!

How has having a product specifically for your cultural/biracial/ethnic/multiracial background impacted your beauty regime? 

Having products that are designated for mixed or multitextured hair is empowering. It makes me feel like there is importance as well as inclusion in what the world sees as beautiful. The success of companies such Mixed Chicks shows that there are millions of beautiful people out there.

Do you use any other Mixed Chicks products as part of your beauty routine?  

I have on occasion used the Deep Conditioner and the mens replenishing oil, but the leave in by far is my favorite.

What new 2017 Mixed Chicks product are you interested in trying out?

Because of my hair texture I have always gravitated towards the women products, this year I want to try out more of the products from the HIS Mix line.

How do your curls/hair texture represent your cultural/ethnic background? 

Ironically, in my family I am the only one with curly hair. My two brother have locks but their hair texture is more of a 4c. Im not quite sure how I ended up with 3c/4a but im sure it has something to do with my fathers background. Identifying as a African American male, my hair texture always call into question the authenticity of my African American roots. I simply take it as a compliment.

What is one feature of the Mixed Chicks brand that empowers your hair/beauty care? 

Hands down, the inclusion that the brand represents. The line does not discriminate against texture, race or gender and I think that is both beautiful and empowering.

Why is the hair revolution celebrating natural/healthy hair types vital for our generation? 

Well statistically speaking, multiracial people account for the second fasting growing race of the population. This is a time of acceptance and unison. I like to believe that we are unique because no two heads of curls are ever the same, not in spite of it.

Is there a (Mixed/Multiracial/Bi-racial) celebrity who empowers you? 

Ive always though that Traci Ellis Ross exemplified what is to be biracial, natural and proud of it.

Do you have any go-to beauty/hair bloggers or vloggers who inspire or help your hairstyles?

Myself of course. I have a natural hair youtube channel.

Curly Guy

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