Mixed Chicks Presents: Your Hair Story- Megan


By Desiree Johnson

Welcome to the Your Hair Story Series presented by Mixed Chicks. This dynamic, new innovative series allows Mixed Chicks users to share their personal stories behind their hair. Hair that kinks, coils, curls, waves, and tells a story reflecting their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Like our customers, hair comes in all shades, textures and shapes unique to each individual and here at Mixed Chicks we want to celebrate that to the utmost extent. Meet our exquisite Mixed Chicks women, men, and children who exhibit beauty from the root and give us honest, bold stories that we are honored to share with you.


Instagram: @GlamxxBrielle

Youtube: @GlamxxBrielle

In 2018, do you feel the conversation around being (Multiracial/Biracial/Mixed) has shifted more positively or negatively?

Recently, I feel that so many people have embrace being mixed. It has become what you see, on social media, in television and in film, because it is our reality. The world is filled with people of multiple racial makeups and it seems we are finally taking notice.

How did you find out about Mixed Chicks?

Years ago, while visiting family in California, I remember watching my older cousin do her hair. She grabbed a bottle of Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner and ran it threw her 4c curls.  It has been a go-to product in my rotation for me ever since.

What is your go-to Mixed Chicks product essential for your hair regime?

Since I decided to cut my hair, the curl sculptor has become my favorite product. I love having full, defined curls and this product gives me just that without weighing down my hair.

How is your cultural/ethnic background reflected in your hair? (ex: texture, length, curl pattern, etc.)

Like my background, my hair is a mix of so many characteristics, each strand having a mind of its own but coming together to make up one curly girl’s head. Some parts are curly and coarse and some are fine and wavy, with no part standing out more than the other.

Our new campaign is focused on #itsminetodefine. What does this mean to you?

Who I am, is defined only by me. I am not simply a multiracial woman with curly hair, I am also an artist, a caregiver and a daughter.

What’s your favorite protective style?

My favorite style was definitely the pineapple when I had longer hair, but since I have cut it short I prefer doing a flexi rod set to help me change up my curl pattern for a few days.

What’s your Go-to Spring Hairstyle?

My go-to spring style is a wash and go with the side bobby pined back. It is so quick and easy to touch up in the morning.

Do you have any go-to beauty/hair bloggers or vloggers who inspire or help your hairstyles?

I follow a lot of beauty bloggers but recently I have enjoyed @Chelliscurls because we have a similar curl pattern. I also love seeing @naturalbabe10.11_pro ‘s posts because her faux locs are so gorgeous.

Which platform is your go-to outlet for hair advice? (blogs, website, YouTube, Instagram)

I find myself looking at YouTube videos and Instagram captions for advice on what products work the best for different styles and for DIY advice on protective styles.

What has been your favorite new Mixed Chicks product out this year?

The Curl Sculptor is definitely my favorite product from 2018.

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