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Mixed Chicks® Product Review – Maddie


Name: Madison Sampson
Social Media (Instagram/Twitter): @7am_/@okay_justSMILE

I recently had the opportunity to connect with the amazing Desiree, who writes for the Mixed Chicks® Hair Company. After blessing me with samples of some great products I tried them out right away and I fell in love with each and every one of them! Below are responses to a few questions featured on the “Your Hair Story Series” blog, including my experience with the Mixed Chicks® Co-Wash and the (magical) Mixed Chicks® Curl Sculptor. I also shared my first impressions of their other great products!

What was the first Mixed Chicks products you tried?
The very first hair product I tried was the Mixed Chicks®Co-Wash.

Initial reaction?
I LOVED it! I loved the way it smelled as well as how lightweight the product was. While it was cleaning, it also detangled my curls which was perfect. I also didn’t feel like I had to do a ton of cycles because it did its job well the first time, removing excess oils without taking all the shine from my hair. After washing my hair, it felt soft, clean, and curly!

Why did you decide to try Mixed Chicks products out?
I’ve always wanted to use Mixed Chicks but hesitated because I thought it wouldn’t work for my hair type, however, after sampling a few products from a giveaway, I was very impressed! I have curly-kinky hair that tends to be on the thinner side so I have to be very careful with heavy products weighing down my hair. Happily, I did not have that problem at all! I’m super excited to refer these products to my family members and friends because of my great experience.

Does using a culture specific beauty product impact your beauty regime?
Yes! Using a culture specific beauty product impacts my beauty regime in a positive way. I identify as African-American, but being one fourth Korean also impacts my hair texture. It is hard to find products that can bring out the best of both of my ethnic identities because, by nature, they need different things. So I value products that are able to simply my hair routine with minimal time and effort. Which is why I love the Mixed Chicks®Curl Sculptor so much! It forms and holds my curl pattern without me having to reinforce it with tons of other products, pins, and twists.

Are there other Mixed Chicks products you are interested in trying out?
Next on my Mixed Chicks bucket list would certainly be trying out the Gloss and Shining Hair Silk! The reviews about this product boost great shine and smell, both of which are important considerations for me.

The Mixed Chicks®Daily Hair Dress product is probably my second favorite product! I applied to my day-two hair and it refreshed my curls a bit. I also liked that it wasn’t heavy and hours later my hair still looked and felt moisturized.

I have to admit, I can get kind of lazy when styling my natural hair. I really like to do a go, solid twist on Sunday’s and then let the style ride out for a few days before re-styling. This is what makes the Mixed Chicks®Styling Gel and their big jar of Styling Cream so perfect for me! After detangling wet hair with the Mixed Chicks®Paddle Brush, I applied both products while twisting my hair before bed and when I woke up, they were dry, soft, and the curl pattern looked great! Even better, it maintained my curls for a few days despite being exposed to humidity outside and moisture from long workouts.

Every girl needs a product to lay down those unruly edges and baby hairs and I although I had a go to product to take care of mine, the Mixed Chicks®Slick Styling Tamer most definitely takes the cake! I love how long it holds and never sweats off. I also like how it does not dry up and leave any unwanted residue. Furthermore, it lasts FOREVER! haha Not in a frustrating way that leaves you having to scrub it off, it holds just the right amount and I’m sure that I could use it on pressed hair as well because it did not cause my little hairs to curl up.

Overall I had a fabulous experience and I look forward to trying out more products! I’m pretty sure mine are going to last a while since you don’t need to apply a lot at a time to get results, which is a double -win. I challenge everyone to go out and try a few products from this great brand and join the “multicultural revolution!”

Be sure to check out Desiree’s featured post HERE and connect with Mixed Chicks® on social media.