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My four day hair routine


As a student-athlete, I face a unique set of challenges when it comes to my hair. Between games, classes, practices and tests it can be hard to find time to keep my hair looking good and feeling clean. For this reason, I was really excited to try the Mixed Chicks’ Hair Four Days line of products. Designed to keep hair hydrated and feeling fresh, these lightweight products provided a curl defining hold and made my hair smell great for four days! Here is what I did:

Day 1:
Using my normal wash day routine, I deep-conditioned and co-washed my hair. Before going to bed, I moisturized with the Hair Four Days leave-in spray and prepared for a braid-out using the volumizer.

I was immediately impressed by the lightweight consistency of the leave-in spray and the way all of the products smelled!

These are the results of the first braid out:

Day 2:
After a successful braid-out, I spent 20 minutes on night two applying more of the leave-in spray, volumizer and calming cream. I re-braided my hair in slightly bigger sections and went to bed.

Initially, I was worried that adding more and more product each night would make my hair sticky and create build-up along my roots. That was not the case! Instead, I found the leave-in spray, volumizer and calming cream to be very lightweight and residue free.

This is my Day 2 hair:

Still using the leave-in spray, volumizer and calming cream, I added a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to my nightly braid-out routine to keep my scalp moisturized.

Day 3:
By day 3, the braid outs had significantly elongated my curls. These are the results:

After two days off, I was back in the gym on day 3. For practicality I put my hair up into what turned out to be a luscious puffball as seen below.

Sweaty and (admittedly) smelly, I was eager to try the dry shampoo and hair perfume that night.

Before going through my nightly braid-out routine, I used the dry shampoo to freshen my scalp. While I was initially apprehensive of using dry shampoo on my characteristically dry scalp, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the product absorbed the sweat without making my scalp itchy and dry.

Day 4:
For day four, I did one last braid-out and finished everything off with a couple of spritzes of hair perfume. Overall, I was very impressed with how well these products helped me keep my hair clean and moisturized throughout the week. I only had to spend about 20 minutes on my hair each day and it felt clean even after a high intensity workout. This is what it looked like on day 4: