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My Hair Evolution: How I Learned to Take Better care of my Hair


I’m Demetri Lurry, a Public Figure & YouTuber from Memphis, Tennessee. My Hair is a Big Part of my Life. It defines me as a person as I stand out from others with my different hair styles. When I was little I would always get mistaken as a girl and once got lost in Walmart and my mom couldn’t find me because she was told only a little girl was found and it took a minute for her to realize that might’ve been me because my long hair. Growing up I would always have my hair braided back so people would stop asking if I was a girl or not. So I never got a chance to see what my natural hair actually looked like without braids.

I became an influencer Mixed Chicks because I wanted to be apart of a line that had products for men like me with curly hair. My Favorite product from the line would have to be the Daily Conditioner. It INSTANTLY moisturized my hair with it being made with castor oil which promotes hair growth and it was so easy from me to detangle with using no hair tools which I loved the most.

Growing up I always had long hair but once in my life. But I never knew my hair was actually curly until high school when I discovered natural hair channels on YouTube. I’ll never forget that day. I was so amazed how if I really took care of my hair I could really see how my natural hair could really look. So I cut heat from my hair routine and started deep conditioning regularly and as  the years went by my hair grew longer than it has ever been before. By my first year of college all my hair  was healthy and the questions began. “How did you get your hair like that” or “What you put in your hair”. At this point I had so much knowledge about natural hair I started helping my friends & family with their hair by giving them tips and advice on what products to use.

My YouTube Career started back in 2015. This is when I was getting stopped almost everyday about my hair in public. So I decided to start a channel to show people what I actually did to my hair on a regular whether it be how I style it or maintain it’s healthy state.

It’s been a great Journey with my natural hair and I could never see myself without it. Because to me its more than just “hair” its part of who I am. Looking back when I didn’t know nothing but to wash, condition, and blow dry to now actually knowing my hair is curly and that I can pass my knowledge I know now to others is amazing. My Natural Hair is my LIT!



Instagram: _idemii_


Snapchat: idemig0d

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