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“My Hair Evolution: How Your Styling Game Has Evolved”- Sierra


I have been natural for almost four years.  During the start of my natural hair journey I wore extensions. At the beginning of 2017, I set a goal to go six months without wearing extensions so I could take time to learn more about my hair. That six months ended up turning into a year, and now I have embraced and learned so much about my hair. I have very thick hair so it really took patience and trial and error to learn what worked for my hair.  I noticed a tremendous difference in my hair, my curl pattern has changed and it takes me less time to style my hair.

In the beginning I didn’t enjoy doing a Wash and Go, but over the past year I began to love doing this style. Some products gave me the moisture I needed, but didn’t elongate my curls. The Mixed Chicks line was exactly what I needed to add to my weekly hair care regiment. The Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash was super hydrating and kept my hair feeling moisturized. After washing my hair, I applied the Coil, Kinks, and Waves Styling Cream and Styling Gel. This was a perfect combination to elongating my curls. In the morning I slicked back my edges with the Styling Tamer.  I really liked this product because it has a medium hold and NO build up! I am on day 4 of my Wash and Go and I have so much volume, which is something every curly girl looks forward to. My hair has a mind of her own, she’s still evolving and I’m loving our journey.