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“My Hair Journey/ How I Became an Influencer”- Damani

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Even as a toddler, I was always categorized as the “little girl with ALL THAT HAIR” To this day, I know someone is referring to me simply by hearing, “the one with the hair”, and although it is safe to say that my hair is my trademark; it has not always been my best friend. Growing up with parents who did not know how to style your hair, nor did they have reliable products, my tresses became a trial and error for any company claiming to have the magic touch. But the problem was that these products did not do anything to strengthen, or make my hair flourish, merely just manage and suppress it. And it was not long before I discovered the world of blow outs, became obsessed, and pressed my curls away. This was a time before natural hair was the new wave, but by the time that movement came rolling in full force, I was far behind the game. I saw all these beautiful black women going for the big chop, debuting beautiful curls, and I had nothing to show for it. Finally, I discovered Mixed Chicks, and fell in love instantly. It was like it was made specifically for me and all my hair needs. I saw my curls come back to life and flourish. I am still learning what is best for my hair and loving the bad curl days as much as the good, but I no longer feel the need to hide behind the flat iron. I love my lion mane more than ever, and I’m proud to have it as my signature asset.