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Mixed Chicks HIS MIX shampoo for men
HIS MIX shampoo for men $8.99
Mixed Chicks HIS MIX Firm Hold Gel
HIS MIX Firm Hold Gel $10.99
(6 customer reviews)


Detangle and hydrate.

Contains castor oil

This is a great way to hydrate hair and get just a touch of cleansing action.

Acondicionador diario His Mix

Fortalece, desenreda e hidrata. Y con el aceite de ricino adicional, puede mejorar la circulación del cuero cabelludo y fomentar el crecimiento saludable del cabello.

Con aceite de ricino

Esta es una excelente manera de hidratar el cabello con solo un toque de acción limpiadora.

Cómo peinar:  Con el acondicionador de uso diario His Mix sin champú (considerado como ayuda para el lavado), puede obtener un cabello limpio sin quitarle aceite, de manera que, si su cabello no está tan sucio o lleno del producto, aplique champú para el día y comience aquí.


Soin revitalisant quotidien His Mix

Renforce, démêle et hydrate. L’huile de ricin permet d’améliorer la circulation au niveau du cuir chevelu et favorise la croissance de cheveux en bonne santé.

avec l’huile de ricin

C’est une excellente façon d’hydrater les cheveux et d’ajouter une touche d’action nettoyante.

Astuce coiffure :

En utilisant le soin revitalisant quotidien His Mix pendant quelques jours, sans shampoing (considéré comme co-lavage), vous pouvez obtenir des cheveux propres sans utiliser d’autres huiles. Si vos cheveux ne sont pas trop sales ou saturés de produit, passez-vous du shampoing pour la journée, et commencez par ce produit.

Entwirrend und feuchtigkeitspflegend.

Macht weich
Spendet Feuchtigkeit

Ideal zur Feuchtigkeitspflege und sanften Reinigung des Haares.

Sie können Mix Daily Conditioner gelegentlich ohne Shampoo (oder stattdessen vielleicht mit Co-Wash) verwenden, um das Haar zu reinigen, ohne ihm schützende Öle zu entziehen. Wenn Ihr Haar also nicht voller Produktrückstände ist, lassen Sie einfach das Shampoo weg und beginnen Sie mit diesem Schritt.

His Mix dagelijkse conditioner

Ontwar en hydrateer.

met ricinusolie

Dit is een geweldige manier om haar te hydrateren en een vleugje cleansing action toe te voegen.

Stylingtip:  Door op sommige dagen His Mix Daily conditioner zonder shampoo te gebruiken (ofwel co-washing), kun je schoon haar krijgen zonder dat je de oliën verwijdert. Als je haar dus niet te vuil is en er niet teveel van een product in zit, sla je voor een dag het gebruik van shampoo over en begin je hier.

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6 reviews for HIS MIX Daily Conditioner

  1. (verified owner) :

    My son has beautiful spiral coils and I decided to try this out. It helps detangle and soften. His curls have been much more defined since using this and he asked me to order more. Great product!

  2. (verified owner) :

    My son loves this. Moisturizes very well

  3. (verified owner) :

    Love this — bought it for my son and he says it’s smooth and smells good!!

  4. (verified owner) :

    Perfection in a bottle! You haven’t a clue as to how happy I am to have finally found a hair care ensemble that works perfectly for me and showcase my natural tufts. It’s been a struggle for so many years.This product has my 34-year-old hair feeling ‘baby soft’ and I’ll never get used to this amazing fresh scent, wafting through the air when I walk. You definitely have a life-long patron here. Thank you so much Mixed Chicks; for your vision, your mission and for everything that you stand for! You guys/girls rock!

  5. (verified owner) :

    Looking forward to trying the HIS Mix products on my son’s hair (just purchased all the products). So far we’ve tried the leave-in conditioner (from what I’ve read, the HIS Mix version is the same as the one that’s part of the regular line), and it’s worked quite nicely. Hoping this is the last stop on our search for hair products that don’t smell too feminine and hold those beautiful curls through the day!

  6. (verified owner) :

    This stuff smells amazing…reminds me of some high end hotel product but I can’t remember where. It makes my hair really soft and takes away the tangling feeling when combing through it. I am on my 3rd bottle and the idea that there is castor oil has be seeing better growth. I hope it’s not just me hoping. Like it a lot. Just wondering how soon I can find this stuff in a CVS or something.

After a good shampoo, massage into hair/scalp and rinse.

Can be used in place of shampoo on days when your hair is not super dirty.

By using His Mix Daily conditioner some days without shampoo (sort of like co-washing), you can get clean hair without stripping it of oils, so if your hair isn’t too dirty or full of product, skip shampoo for the day, and start here.

Whether Tje Austin wears his #naturallycurly hair picked out in a ‘fro or defined in a regular wash & go, he likes to keep his routine simple.

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