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Mixed Chicks replenishing-oil is derived from essential oils. This is a delicately scented soothing creation.  For help with healthy-looking hair and moisturized skin, & scalp.

Aids in repair & moisture retention
For skin & hair
Rose hips have been reported to help with age spots, wrinkles, scars & burns

Aceite revitalizante Mixed Chicks

El aceite revitalizante Mixed Chicks deriva de aceites esenciales. Esta poción curativa calmante y de esencia delicada rejuvenecerá y humectará su piel, cabello y cuero cabelludo.

Repara e hidrata
Para la piel y el cabello
Los escaramujos ayudan a aliviar las marcas de la edad, las arrugas, las cicatrices y las quemaduras


CUERO CABELLUDO:  unte una bola de algodón con aceite tibio y aplique en el cuero cabelludo con movimientos circulares. Repita hasta cubrir todo el cuero cabello. Masajee el cuero cabelludo por dos minutos. Aplique champú y acondicionador y peine como de costumbre.

CABELLO:  agregue una gota de aceite a una cuarta parte de su preferencia en el acondicionador o el producto para peinar y aplique en el cabello mojado para aumentar la humectación.

CABELLO ALTERADO:  aplique varias veces y masaje en el cabello mojado o seco. Esto puede hacerlo en la playa para proteger el cabello de elementos dañinos del sol y del mar; o en el hogar, envuelva el cabello en una toalla tibia y húmeda por cinco minutos antes de aplicar champú.

Replenishing Oil Mixed Chicks (Huile nourrissante)

L’huile nourrissante Mixed Chicks est constituée d’huiles essentielles. Ce baume apaisant et délicatement parfumé ravive et hydrate en profondeur. Il est idéal pour  la peau, les cheveux et le cuir chevelu.

Répare et hydrate
Idéal pour la peau et les cheveux
L’églantier permet d’atténuer les taches de vieillesse, rides, cicatrices et brûlures

Conseils d’utilisation :

CUIR CHEVELU : imbiber un coton d’huile tiédie et appliquer sur le cuir chevelu avec des mouvements circulaires. Répéter jusqu’à ce que tout le cuir chevelu soit couvert… masser le cuir chevelu pendant 2 minutes. Appliquer ensuite les shampoings, soins et coiffures habituels.

CHEVEUX : ajouter une goutte d’huile pour un quart de votre soin sans rinçage favori, et appliquer sur cheveux mouillés pour plus d’hydratation.

CHEVEUX ABÎMÉS : appliquer plusieurs pressions et masser sur cheveux secs ou humides. Vous pouvez l’utiliser à la plage, pour protéger vos cheveux des agressions du soleil et de l’eau de mer, ou à la maison, et enveloppez vos cheveux dans une serviette chaude et humide pendant 5 minutes avant le shampoing.

PEAU : massez l’huile sur tout le corps pendant ou après un bain/douche, laissez la peau absorber et profitez du délicieux parfum et des vertus apaisantes des huiles essentielles

Mixed Chicks Replenishing Oil basiert auf ätherischen Ölen. Diese beruhigende und zart duftende Haarkur ist eine erfrischende Feuchtigkeitspflege für Haut, Haar und Kopfhaut.

Repariert und spendet Feuchtigkeit
Für Haut & Haar
Hagebutte wirkt gegen Altersflecken, Falten, Narben und Brandnarben

KOPFHAUT: Einen Wattebausch in das warme Öl tauchen und mit kreisenden Bewegungen auf die Kopfhaut auftragen. Wiederholen, bis die gesamte Kopfhaut bedeckt ist … dann die Kopfhaut zwei Minuten lang massieren. Anschließend wie gewohnt mir Shampoo und Conditioner waschen und stylen.

HAARE: Einen Tropfen Öl mit einer Viertelportion des gewohnten Leave-in Conditioners oder Styling-Produkts vermischen und auf das nasse Haar auftragen, um zusätzliche Feuchtigkeit zu spenden.

HAARERSATZ: Mehrere Spenderportionen in das nasse oder trockene Haar einmassieren. Sie können Ihr Haar damit am Strand vor dem Austrocknen durch Salz und Sonne schützen oder eine Haarkur daheim machen, indem Sie das behandelte Haar in einen vorgewärmten Turban oder ein Handtuch wickeln und das Öl fünf Minuten lang einwirken lassen, bevor Sie es mit Shampoo waschen.

HAUT: Das Öl während oder direkt nach Bad oder Dusche über den ganzen Körper einmassieren und dann einwirken lassen, damit sich die wohltuende Wirkung und der angenehme Duft der ätherischen Öle entfalten können

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17 reviews for Replenishing Oil (6oz / 177ml)

  1. (verified owner) :


  2. (verified owner) :

    I used this with the leave in conditioner and my hair is soft and easier to tame. Im glad I tried it.

  3. (verified owner) :

    Best product for dry hair and scalp. When mixed with leave in conditioner it is works excellent!!

  4. (verified owner) :

    Good product. Not too oily.

  5. (verified owner) :

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Finally made the jump from kids products to more adult items for my son and both he and I love it. He had a really dry scalp and no longer does.

  6. (verified owner) :

    Love the way this product does my hair!

  7. (verified owner) :

    My absolute go to product!! I add a pump of this to whatever hair styling product I use!!! Wish it came in a bigger bottle!!!!

  8. (verified owner) :

    Just amazing

  9. (verified owner) :

    I got sent this as a sample and used it on my daughter’s really tight curly hair. I was skeptical because her hair isn’t very dry so I was worried about it being too greasy, but it was perfect! Kept the frizz down and added a lot of shine

  10. (verified owner) :

    I use this with the leave-in conditioner. I love it, my hair gets frizzy at the crown but once I’ve started using this, no frizz!

  11. (verified owner) :

    non greasy!! love that when I travel its an all in one moisturizer for hair and body!!!!

  12. (verified owner) :

    I have tried oil before and never liked what it did. It either sat on the top and felt greasy, it made it too soft and the curl fell out, it felt sticky, or frizzed out anyway. THEN I tried this oil and fell in love with oil for my hair. This just makes my hair feel so healthy. I go to the gym everyday and put it in my hair in the sauna and when I style it. Sometimes the next day I can put this oil and some gel and it looks very nice. This is a go to product for sure.

  13. (verified owner) :

    Love this! It doesn’t weigh down my daughter’s hair but adds just enough moisture! Wish we could purchase bigger bottles!

  14. (verified owner) :

    Received a sample. I put it in my hair after waking up. I heat straighten my hair and my edges were starting to curl because they are dry. My hair felt rough and dry. After applying the oil, my hair was softened and controlled within minutes. I was so surprised. I’m convinced and hooked

  15. (verified owner) :

    I got this to try on my daughters very curly hair. I dab a little on their scalp once a week & it helps keep their scalp moisturized. Works great on their skin too. Not to mention they have very sensitive skin & this doesn’t cause any problems for them. What blows me away is how well it works on my skin that is covered up with psoriasis. I have had it for 20 years & if I am not using prescription medicine with steroids it is very visible. This is the only stuff I have ever used over the counter that has completely gotten rid of my psoriasis. It’s amazing! I stopped using it for a week & it all came back. As long as I slather this over my skin every day my psoriasis is completely gone!!! I wish I took a before picture so I could show you the results as it really is incredible.

  16. (verified owner) :

    I’ve used Mixed Chicks since almost their inception and nothing compares. I’m 64 and have worn my curly hair naturally for years. Believe me, I’ve tried it all and get stopped on the street with envious comments on my hair. I have the license plate on the back of my car: “Get Control of Your Curls-” I feel like I am an ambassador because any questions I’ve ever had are responded to by Wendy, a co-owner. How many people can state that? Love, love, love all your products!! Don’t ever stop!!! By the way, I’ve never written a review for a product.

  17. (verified owner) :

    I actually received samples of this oil with an order and I love it. I can apply a little bit to my hair, whether it is wet or dry, for added moisture. And, it doesn’t make my curls weighed down or overly greasy like a lot of other oils that I have tried in my hair. I also like using it a couple of times throughout the week on my scalp, as I do suffer from a dry, itchy scalp. And, I find that it really helps with such.

SCALP: dab a cotton ball into warmed oil and apply to scalp in circular motions, and repeat until the entire scalp is covered…massage scalp for 2 minutes. Follow with shampoo and conditioners and style as usual.

HAIR: add a drop of oil to a quarter size portion of your favorite leave-in conditioner or styling product and apply to wet hair for added moisture.

ALT HAIR: apply several pumps and massage throughout wet or dry hair. You can do this at the beach to protect hair from damaging elements of sun & sea, or at home, wrap hair in a warm wet turban or towel for 5 minutes before shampooing.

SKIN: massage oil over the entire body during or after bath/shower, then enjoy the benefits & delightful scent of essential oils.

Sunflower for its soothing properties.

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