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Product Description

Detangling DEEP Conditioner - treatment for dry hair (8oz / 236ml) $12.99
Mixed Chicks LEAVE-IN conditioner (10oz / 300ml)
LEAVE-IN conditioner for curl definition & frizz control (10oz / 300ml) $18.99
(134 customer reviews)


A simple curly hair solution. You get…

  • Clarifying Shampoo 10oz
  • Detangling Deep Conditioner 8oz
  • Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner 10oz

USE THIS TO: clarify, detangle, and define curly hair…and block frizz all day long!

Le Trio :

Une solution simple pour les cheveux bouclés. Elle comporte…

Shampoing MIXED CHICKS 10 oz
Soin revitalisant Deep conditioner MIXED CHICKS 8 oz
Soin revitalisant sans rinçage MIXED CHICKS 10 oz

UTILISATION CONSEILLÉE : clarifier, définir et démêler les cheveux bouclés… et bloquer les frisottis toute la journée !

Conseils d’utilisation :

  1. Appliquer le shampoing et rincer
  2. Appliquer le soin revitalisant, peigner ou brosser et rincer
  3. Appliquer le soin sans rinçage sur les cheveux mouillés, froisser délicatement
  4. Tordre les cheveux avec les doigts
  5. Laisser sécher à l’air libre, ou si vous avez peu de temps, utiliser un casque ou un diffuseur (pas de serviette ou sèche-cheveux nécessaire)

Astuces coiffure :

Vos cheveux sont raides ou ondulés et indisciplinés ?  Ce système peut vous aider.  Essayez le avec le sérum soyeux MIXED CHICKS HAIR SILK.

Si vous avez des cheveux bouclés, vous aurez probablement besoin de shampoings moins fréquents qu’une personne avec les cheveux raides.  Pour changer, vous pouvez utiliser notre soin nettoyant Co-WASH.

Eine einfache Lösung für lockiges Haar. Sie erhalten…

MIXED CHICKS 10 oz Shampoo
MIXED CHICKS 8 oz Deep Conditioner
MIXED CHICKS 10 oz Leave-in Conditioner

ZUM: Klären, Entwirren und Definieren von Locken … mit Anti-Frizz den ganzen Tag hindurch!


  1. Mit Shampoo waschen und ausspülen
  2. Conditioner auftragen, durchkämmen oder -bürsten und ausspülen
  3. Leave-in Conditioner auf das nasse Haar auftragen und einkneten
  4. Haar mit den Händen auswringen
  5. An der Luft trocknen lassen, oder, wenn es schnell gehen muss, unter einer Trockenhaube oder mit einem Diffuser trocknen (kein Handtuch oder Föhnen erforderlich)

Welliges oder glattes Haar mit Frizz?  Dieses System kann Ihnen helfen.  Kombinieren Sie es mit MIXED CHICKS HAIR SILK.

Lockenköpfe brauchen weniger Shampoo als glattes Haar.  Wir empfehlen unseren pflegenden Reiniger Co-WASH als Alternative.

El trío:

Una solución simple para el cabello rizado. Obtendrá…

Champú de 10 onzas MIXED CHICKS
Acondicionador de acción profunda de 8 onzas MIXED CHICKS
Acondicionador sin enjuague de 10 onzas MIXED CHICKS

USE ESTO PARA: aclarar, desenredar y definir el cabello rizado, y bloquear el encrespado durante todo el día.

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134 reviews for No Frizz TRIO curly hair solution (10oz / 8oz / 10oz)

  1. (verified owner) :

    62 years old…..why did it take me so long to find this awesome product line. Love everything about this company, awesome products and awesome customer service. They have it all!

  2. (verified owner) :

    Best products ever!

  3. (verified owner) :

    Easy way to get everything I need to make my hair look great and it saves money!

  4. (verified owner) :

    This is a great bundle to save a few bucks and get some great products!

  5. (verified owner) :


  6. (verified owner) :

    Brought the co wash as I am 43 still trying to find something for my hair and I love that so I said I would try as I have 2c/3a hair and I am Bi-racial my mom being white and my father black so my hair is very hard to tame. Hoping for a good fit with this trio

  7. (verified owner) :

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these products. Really helps define my curls without looking crunchy & wet.

  8. (verified owner) :

    I love the products. These are the only products that work for my daughters hair. Great for detailing, styling and conditioning.

  9. (verified owner) :

    the only hair products I use! great for detangling and styling

  10. (verified owner) :

    The best product line I have ever used for my very curly, fine hair! Leaves my hair shiny, manageable and frizz-free. I’ll never use anything else!

  11. (verified owner) :

    Wasted so much money on other products before I found this one. This is the real deal and works ALL day long! No frizz, just beautiful curls!

  12. (verified owner) :

    I love Mixed Chicks! I’ve been using it since a friend recommended it to me. Unlike other shampoo and conditioner products, it makes my hair less frizzy and my curls are much softer!

  13. (verified owner) :

    I wish I had this product all my life! What a difference it has made in my curls. Each curl is defined and soft. Frizz is almost non existent even in this humid weather. Even at the beach… my hair looked great. My daughter used my products while she was visiting and is equally amazed, her hair is more wavy than curly and the Mixed Chicks made her hair look great.

  14. (verified owner) :

    I buy these products for my fiance and her hair is amazing after using them!! When she runs out we definitely can tell a difference in texture, tangles, and frizz…we try not to run out!!

  15. (verified owner) :

    I’ve used Mixed Chicks from when they originally started but started using other products. I’m now back with Mixed Chicks as this is the best product for my 3A,3B,3C type hair.

  16. (verified owner) :

    My daughters are of mixed race and I had no idea how to manage their texture of hair as it differs so much from mine; however, upon discovering the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, their hair has been saved! It is a gamechanger for hair that is a mixture of coily and wavy

  17. (verified owner) :

    This leave in conditioner has been a life saver for my hair. My only regret is not discovering it sooner!

  18. (verified owner) :

    We have tried some of the products in the kid’s line but now my daughter is almost 14 and we have upgraded to the adult line! Can’t wait to see her curls more defined and more responsive to the right kind of hydration!

  19. (verified owner) :

    My twins absolutely love this product!! They have tried other things and always come back to this! They love everything about it!! We have been using mixed chicks since they were toddlers and now they are 12.

  20. (verified owner) :

    I LOVE how these products help my curls stay gorgeous and non frizzy!

  21. (verified owner) :

    Love this trio package. It works perfectly for curly hair. Shipping is lightning fast, usually receive my order to Canada within 2 days of order date!

  22. (verified owner) :

    I love this idea of this trio package – great for taking on longer trips. All three of my favorite products!

  23. (verified owner) :

    I used to manage a kids hair salon and this product line was amazing for them. Not just kids though, adults too. I just ordered some for my daughter for Christmas, I know it will be a life changer for her.

  24. (verified owner) :

    i have just placed an order for this i am so excited to use these products my hair dresser used them on me and i love them i have curly hair and it has been dry and when i started using these products i seen the difference. loving these products so excited to received my order.

  25. (verified owner) :

    Wow, just wow. I used it once today, and the difference was clear–shiny, bouncy hair. The shampoo was cleansing, the deep conditioner left my hair so soft (despite only leaving it on for five minutes), and the leave-in (with the mousse) is phenomenal. I rarely write comment, but I really had to with the combination of these products. I hope the results continue like today!

  26. (verified owner) :

    Just ordered this product for my daughter and am excited to see the difference!!

  27. (verified owner) :

    Just order the trio for my curly hair!! So excited to try the shampoo and conditioner

  28. (verified owner) :

    UPDATED REVIEW: The customer service team not only read my review and reached out to me, but they replaced the busted product on the house. Carla was very understanding and communicative and genuinely open to helping fix the problem. I love their products and I’m very grateful for this experience!

  29. (verified owner) :

    Works great on my curly hear texture

  30. (verified owner) :

    I’m really upset. I love these products but unfortunately in my most recent purchase the top of my shampoo bottle was cracked. it spilled all over the packaging and a third of the product was gone. i’ll still buy again, but i’m really disappointed.

  31. (verified owner) :

    I bought these products for my daughter,she’s a mixed chick! Products are great,her hair is so soft after and very easy to manage, the curls are soft and bouncy
    Love these products.

  32. (verified owner) :

    Mixed Chicks shampoo, leave in conditioner, deep conditioner, and curl sculptor have an amazing effect on my curly hair taming down its frizz, creating bouncy curls. My hair feels soft and swingy! Great products!!!!

  33. (verified owner) :

    I’ve been using these products for the past few years, and I am so pleased with the condition, strength, and softness of my Mixed Chicks hair!! And a little goes a long way!

  34. (verified owner) :

    My hair has never been better! My curls look and feel amazing. I’m telling everyone about this deal!!

  35. (verified owner) :

    I Highly recommend these products! I’ve tried a lot of brands…Mixed Chicks is the absolute best for conditioning softening and detangling.

  36. (verified owner) :

    For a little while I tried other brands, but none of the made my hair feel the way mixed chicks does. I bleached and dyed my hair and mixed chicks helped me get back the softness I thought i had lost.

  37. (verified owner) :

    Never disappointed!! All time favorites <3

  38. (verified owner) :

    These products are my absolute favorite! Only company I have found that truly works with my curls. Even though there was a tiny mishap I can give nothing but 5 stars because they dealt with it right away very kindly:)

  39. (verified owner) :

    This is a game changer! I’m obessed! These 3 make my curls so bouncy and define them perfectly! I’ve tried tons of products for curly hair & this by far is the best I’ve found.

  40. (verified owner) :

    This is a great trio of products. I was only exposed to the leave in conditioner as this was the only product I saw in the stores. But when I found the other products on the website and used them in combination, I found my hair was more manageable and hydrated. The products smell amazing and you need so much less product to detangle and manage your hair in comparison to other hair products. In addition I am older and noted that I have much less breakage and hair loss after using these products. Overall amazing products and amazing value when you purchase these products in the trio set.

  41. (verified owner) :

    It has been a week since I started my daughters hair with mixed chicks. I will tell you that so far I love mixed chicks. Her hair is bouncy and non frizzy now I can go days without any extra product the deep conditioner make combing a breeze it usually take me at least 30 mins to just comb through and now it took me less than 10. She is only 2 and has a head full of curly hair and not one other product has made her hair manageable. I am so impressed and looking forward to try other products

  42. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely LOVE this product and the hair trio. I have been using mixed chicks since 2011. Before using mixed chicks, I used to have to fix my hair a few days after washing/styling it b/c it would just get frizzy and wouldn’t hold the style. Once I started using Mixed Chicks and my hair got used to the product, after a few months I no longer needed to fix my hair in between washings and I wash my hair once a week.

  43. (verified owner) :

    My first time using mixed chicks products. And so far I am loving it my daughter is 2 yrs old and has a head full of 3c 4a hair and it’s been a struggle to find a product that leaves her hair bouncy and curly with no frizz and mixed chicks u have wowed me. I will be a loyal customer. Love

  44. (verified owner) :

    I love the No Frizz Trio, they are three of my favorites. The products leave my curls full, clean, soft and moisturized. I love how I don’t get any buildup and flakes when using the products. I always receive really nice compliments when my hair is curly. I have been using Mixed Chicks products since they first came out!

  45. (verified owner) :

    This is the best product I have ever used on my daughter’s hair. Worth every penny.

  46. (verified owner) :

    I have struggled with finding hair products for my mixed girls hair. I have heard fantastic reviews about mixed chicks. Can’t wait to try it.

  47. (verified owner) :

    I’ve used these products for years and it has never disappointed me.

  48. (verified owner) :

    Love these products!

  49. (verified owner) :

    I have been trying just about every product out there, and Mixed Chicks is the only product that has worked the best in my hair.

  50. (verified owner) :

    My curly girl used Mixed Chicks for years until we switch to another line. Lately her hair was dry and we switched back. Now her curls are hydrated again. The prices of Mixed Chicks are more accessible as well.

  51. (verified owner) :

    I tried this product years ago and I remember the way it made my hair feel so soft and moist. I’m mixed and it’s hard to find a product that goes with my hair type but this trio pack does wonders for me

  52. (verified owner) :

    Easy purchase transaction. Decided to try these products based on all the positive reviews.

  53. (verified owner) :

    I’ve been using Mixed Chicks for a number of years now. I’m an Asian American woman with hair that curls naturally (my grandfather had the same) and find them best a controlling the frizz.

  54. (verified owner) :

    I use this on my kids because I like the smell better than the children’s set and I absolutely love the way this makes them not frizzy and makes their curls very tight. Awesome products.

  55. (verified owner) :

    Love this trio pk

  56. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely love this product. The effect that it gives, has caused me to fall in love with my curls for the first time in my life!!

  57. (verified owner) :

    The smell is spectacular because of it’s subtlety. The texture that my curly hair has after usage is smooth and moves gently.

  58. (verified owner) :

    I’m Samoan and white and this is by far my favorite product to use for my hair!

  59. (verified owner) :

    Best product combinations ever, smells amazing!

  60. (verified owner) :

    My hair is wavy/curly everywhere. It has itty-bitty ringlets here and voluminous waves there. It is annoying, but it’s mine. I found a sample bag at a retail store. It was completely sealed as were the individual bottles. I was like, “What the heck, might as well try.” The shampoo cleaned my scalp very well (VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME), but the conditioner didn’t work very well for me. My hair has always had very dry ends though. 🙁 I put on the leave-in conditioner as instructed on the bag and then took a break while my hair slowly began to dry. When it dried it felt like the top was hair sprayed into place (it looked normal though). I took a brush to it and it smoothed out. It felt greasy at the top to me, (it could just be that I’m oober sensitive to textures like that) but again it looked normal. I still had frizz, BUT there was a lot less frizz.

  61. (verified owner) :

    I am an Indigenous Australian with naturally long curly and very FRIZZY hair!! I have moved to the States and will stay here for about a year. I don’t care much about trying to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner its the leave in conditioners that I look for back home i found a good Pantene leave in that allowed me to brush my hair with little effort although it didn’t do much for the frizz side of it it helped in the mornings brushing it… anyways I have not been able to find the same product here and I saw the ad on TV for Mixed Chicks so I thought I’d give it ago I brought the 3pack with shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo did its job and the deep conditioner was/is amazing that is the best product from mixed chicks I believe!! However it is the leave in conditioner that I am very disappointed in. As I found it hasn’t helped with my hair at all! In the after showers when I to brush my hair the product has yet to help with smoothing my hair, it feels like it drys my hair out quicker and it does not feel like it is very helpful with detangling it feels like its making the problem worse. It is also a very sticky product. I have tried using less no help and even using more of the product only seems to make things worse 🙁 Its not for me but it might be for someone else

  62. (verified owner) :

    A co-worker bought this line for my daughter (she was 3 at the time), it is the ONLY products I use on my lil ones hair. I’m not sure how I survived before this product!!! If you are unsure about trying new products I advise you…TAKE A RISK!! It is a little costly but worth EVERY penny!

  63. (verified owner) :

    im 28 years old and ive been doing my own hair since I was 12. so for years ive looked and bought product after product to search and find something for my hair. im a very mixed and my hair is in its own category…so nothing worked for me til one day a friend of mine saw my frustration and directed me to the mixed chicks line…ill be honost I cried when I started using it… finally a product tht works. thank you so much for being determined to cure our common frustration! I tell everyone I know who has the same frustration as I, about your product…I can now save money for other things… Thank You Mixed Chicks!

  64. (verified owner) :

    I used the product after I shampoo and condition it worked very good in my curly hair.I liked the definition that it gave me for my hair and the smell I love it.

  65. (verified owner) :

    Finally had my Deva cut a month ago but just did not like the way the Deva products made my hair look (did not control my frizz and made my head itchy). Another super-curly girl stopped me one day and asked what products do I use (she said she is always trying to find a way to control her frizz and define her curl and she gets excited when she runs into someone else with similar hair) and told me about Mixed Chicks so I thought I would give it a try! Well, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Not only does it define my curl and helps control my frizz – which I never, ever thought was possible – I actually LIKE my curls. After years of straightening (both professionally and using a flat iron daily) I am finally going out in public with curly hair. People ask me if I had a perm because they do not believe that this is my natural hair – because no one other than my husband and kids have ever seen me with my hair curly. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I can now get out of the house in a half an hour, much better than the two hours that it used to take me with blow drying and flat ironing – and my hair is so much healthier now!!!

  66. (verified owner) :

    This product did not work for me at all. I was very excited to try this product because it is for mixed girls with curly hair and it had very good reviews, but I was so disappointed. The shampoo over cleaned my hair and left it in one big tangle-ly mess. I could just about hear hair making a “squeaky” sound due to how completely stripped of it’s natural oils were after applying the shampoo; and the conditioner did little to help restore its moisture. Thinking that matters could not get worse, I put in the leave-in conditioner and my hair felt more dry than it did before! All in all, I would not buy this product ever again and I am very disappointed in it’s quality.

  67. (verified owner) :

    I fell in love with Mixed Chicks when I first used it. My best friend had recommended it for me because she knew I had a hard time finding the perfect product for my hair. I am hispanic and I have curly hair that normally frizzes and sometimes the curls even die out in just two days. Mixed Chicks smells WONDERFUL. The scent is unique and not too strong. Ever since I used the Leave-In-Conditioner it has helped my hair grow quicker, it’s a lot more soft, and it makes it smell 10x better! I definitely recommend this product to anyone with naturally curly hair who has tried every Shampoo Product but has never found the right one. You will NOT be disappointed.

  68. (verified owner) :

    First let me say that I am fully African American. Since I was a little girl, my mom has been looking for products to tame my curls; we tried it all. As I grew up and started to do my hair on my own, I found that I was more lost than ever. I have such big and thick hair, that all I thought I could do with it was pile grease on it and put into a ponytail. That caused a lot of damage to my hair, I could say I wore my hair up for a whole year because I got tired of it. Throughout highschool, I kept my hair straight because I felt like it was easier to handle. I love my curly hair, but it gets so big that I can’t handle it. I think the sun and heat damage on my hair is making it so unhealthy, that I want to let my hair be naturally curly for a while. I heard about these products, but I didn’t really believe the hype. I mean nothing has ever worked for my hair. I saw some reviews and the pros and cons, so I finally decided to try the trial pack. I was so excited to use it. I followed the instructions, I absolutely love how the shampoo felt. The deep conditioner was smooth and detangled my hair very well. The leave in conditioner was also easy to use and smelled nice. As the day went on and I let my hair air dry, it did great. My hair was somewhat tangled, other than that I love the products. And I am ordering some more. I have pictures that demonstrate my journey with the product. The first picture set showing my hair with no product and combed out,and how damaged it looks. The second picture set shows my hair (left) after it has been shampooed and conditioned; (right) after I put the leave-in conditioner in my hair. The third and final picture set shows my hair after it was semi-dry and tame. Overall, I am satisfied.

  69. (verified owner) :

    I bought this product a long while ago. The first time I used it, I was a new natural and I didn’t know what I was doing. Needless to say I did it wrong. Then I had the nerve to blame the product. Well after some time and trying EVERYTHING, I revisited these products. It was the best hair move I could ever make. I love that my ver frizzy hair–that draws up soooooo tight with other products responds so good to this stuff. I can say that Mixed Chicks is responsible for my total PJ rehabilitation. Thank you. You have a customer in me for life

  70. (verified owner) :

    I’ve been following Mixed Chicks on Instagram and I’ve been friends with Kim on Facebook for sometime and I’ve always wanted to try the products out. I absolutely support the Mixed Chicks company and all they stand for. So I bought the little sample set with the sulfate-free shampoo included and was so eager to try it out. Today, I tried the trio with the clarifying shampoo instead of the sulfate-free and I was VERY pleased at how soft my hair felt after shampooing, SHAMPOOING. I would have never thought my hair would feel like butter after shampooing until today when I used Mixed Chicks. Then onto the Deep Conditioner: I worked a quarter-size amount of it into two sections of my hair and I was shouting at how EASY it was to run my fingers through my hair. Usually I have use a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair while I conditioning but with Mixed Chicks I used my fingers and it was the easiest detangling session ever. I left that in while I showered and then rinsed it out with cool water. When I took a look at my hair, it was so shiny! I did like 5 double-takes, because I didn’t even recognize myself. Finally I worked the leave-in my hair and I was set! My trouble area with my curls is the crown section, it’s unruly. Generally, when it dries it shrinks and make my head look loop-sided because of my layers, but the leave-in just evened it ALL out. I hope I don’t sound like a paid actor, but this is exactly how I felt when using the trio. My only problem with it is, it’s kind too lightweight, which is fine but it’s very humid where I am right now and I don’t want to look like the Lion King. It doesn’t mix well with any other products I have to combat humidity. So, if you guys made a mousse and a hairspray for those that suffer from humidity problems, you would’ve made a faithful customer out of me. I love this stuff and now that you sell it at Target, I’m a happy camper (:

  71. (verified owner) :

    growing up in a family of 6 girls & being the only one with curly hair (the rest of my sisters had poker straight hair) I used to get frustrated with my hair because it never did what I wanted it to do. Now that I have been using Mixed Chicks for 3 weeks now I love my curls! I now only need to wash my hair once a week, just jumping in the shower & using the deep conditioner followed by the leave in is enough for me. I found all products to be non-greasy & lightweight while still giving me the hold & bounce that my curls demand. I have already turned 2 of my friends on to these products. Thank You Mixed Chicks!!!!

  72. (verified owner) :

    I have long, thick, red curly hair. About four years ago my hair began to really curl and I could no longer use normal shampoos. I am so satisfied with Mixed Chicks. The leave in is my favorite part. It completely controls the top part of my hair and eliminates frizz. They all smell great too! I am in love and will forever buy this product. At least try it! (:

  73. (verified owner) :

    to start this whole thing, i am cape verdean and have very very curly hair which is also thick and can be frizzy. I was sooooooo ecstatic about getting this product. after seeing so many reviews for it, i just had to get it.i ordered this trio along with the brush and was so antsy at home waiting for it. once i got it i could not wait to wash my hair and finally have a product transform my hair and make it manageable. when i was washed my hair, the shampoo was good. it wasnt like other shampoos where my hair felt greasy afterwards. it felt clean and fresh. the deep conditioner wasnt bad either. there were really no pros or cons. after i got out the shower, i just could not wait to put the leave in conditioner but i first put argon oil in my hair since my hair can get pretty dry. i sectioned out my hair and one by one, i put leave in into each strand. after about 10 minutes, this is when my disappointment ensued. the leave in did not work like everyone said. my hair was even more frizzy and voluptuous than it already is and although my curls were still curly (i guess) my hair was just still frizzy and poofy. to make matters worse, my hair went from feeling nice and soft to even more tangled and dry!!!! i thought the leave in was supposed to make my hair better, not worse. overall, i was pretty disappointed with this and expected much more. i guess im going to be stuck with straightening my hair for life until i find a product that really does work. :/ i would recommend this to a person who has hair that doesnt get very poofy and is manageable. this is for someone who can manage their hair with other stuff but wants a little extra.

  74. (verified owner) :

    I am in love with this product. I have never found a product to top this product. I have been trying to find a cheaper product and you get what you pay for. This product is my holy grail!!! Love it.. This is the only product that keeps my hair shiny, moisturized, defined, and beautiful!!!

  75. (verified owner) :

    I used the shampoo & conditioner, which smell great. Then I used the leave-in just like Wendi does in her video for leave-in conditioner–WET HAIR! It doesn’t smell like anything if you only use a little, and a little goes a long way–even for my 3C hair! My hair looks amazing for 3 days with a tiny bit of wetting in the morning. Not crunchy. Just soft, luscious, bouncy curls that aren’t even tangled yet. Watch the videos to learn how to apply and try this out.

  76. (verified owner) :

    I’ve always had to straighten my hair because my natural curls are so tight and frizzy. I used this product and it’s absolutely wonderful. I followed directions and let my hair air dry and I was waiting for it to frizz up but it didn’t and what a major difference I saw. Even this morning my curls are still looking nice. No more spending hours blow drying and flat ironing my hair. Thanks so much.

  77. (verified owner) :

    Need a product for gray hair, your leave in conditioner is great, but after two days it starts to make gray hair dull. I’m 90% gray, my hair is cut short,and I were it natural its a mixture of curly, wavy ,straight and fine (thin) 🙂

  78. (verified owner) :

    I am Black and Puerto Rican, and my whole life i’ve been hating my natural hair, it was always like an afro with waves. I always relaxed my hair time after time and braided it in the summer, that was a pain. My mom found this website and recommended that I try it. At first I wasn’t confident it would work but i was wrong! I absolutely LOVE these products. Its so easy to use, has a beautiful scent and its been helping me grow my hair out more. I’ve never seen my curl pattern look so devine! What i love is that it’ll last me a very long time before i have to relax my hair again. Thank you Wendi and Kim for this wonderful product!

  79. (verified owner) :

    I live in the south and my entire life, even when I had a relaxer my hair has been a long big puff. I went natural in 2002, and had been struggling with my hair ever since. I never had the luxury of a product that worked for my hair and scalp. My hair is dry, but my scalp gets oily so all the products I used would either have my hair and scalp greasy or dry them out. After years of product mixing and frustration my stylist, Hosea, introduced me to this line a few months ago & I’ve been smitten ever since!!! My hair is conditioned and still has movement!!! I’ve never had products that hydrate, but not saturate my hair. My fro gets so many complements now. Everyone asks what I use & I sing your praises…so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  80. (verified owner) :

    I have always hated having mixed textured hair but since I started using mixed chicks I can actually take my hair out of the ponytail it’s been in for over 13 years and let it be free. I’m definitely in love and now I can stop spending literally hundreds of dollars every few months trying to find something that works. one of the best things is the fact that these products are vegan and cruelty free.

  81. (verified owner) :

    I tried Mixed Chicks after having a conversation with another friend that is natural. I bought the product once and on the first use I instantly saw and felt the difference of using Mixed Chicks versus the other “good” products for natural hair. I keep my closet stock with your product and it’s the only product I will allow my stylist to use…. Thanks,

  82. (verified owner) :

    I use the deep conditioner and leave in, I love it!! No more spending all this money on products that do not work, I am white and my hair is very curly, kinky with lots of frizz. I have had so many people saying my hair looks so much better since using Mixed Chicks, it not dry anymore, no frizz, and I can go many days without washing. I really love it! Best thing I’ve ever used.

  83. (verified owner) :

    I am so glad I found this product. 20 years of frustration between my mother and I because nothing ever worked to tame and manage my curls and battle frizz, and this certainly did the job. The only con i feel there is is that the shampoo seems to really strip my hair and leave it almost too clean and i seem need ALOT of the deep conditioner to get it to work. I do however, love how soft it leaves me hair, instead of my hair being sticky or hard from the gobs of gel I previously used to manage it. Worked on my 2yo hair too, and we have the same mixed hair. Have already recommended it to lots of people. You guys are awesome. Thanks.

  84. (verified owner) :

    I have tried several other products and just wasn’t satisfied as I am with Mixed Chicks! Love Love Love it! Before I found Mixed Chicks I was really thinking about going back to a relaxer but not anymore because of Mixed Chicks!

  85. (verified owner) :

    I recieved this entire product line for our 2year old daughter (who’s hair looks like she could pass as Macey Grey’s daughter) and it is AMAZING in every way possible. I will NEVER buy another product other than Mixed Chicks! It’s not available anywhere near us, so we have to order online but it’s worth every penny! Thanks so much for creating this line.

  86. (verified owner) :

    I’ve looked for so many years trying to find the best product to get my curls to be frizz free and looking mosturized. I’m mixed(African American/Polish) and have HATED my curls since I started doing my own hair. I have used many many products, both white and black products and nothign seemed to help. Only leaving my hair overly greasey, very dry, breaking off, and needing to be washed consistently. These products are amazing and truly work! My sister and I have oppistie hair types but both love these porducts. It leaves your hair bouncey, frizz free and managable. Wish it didn’t take years to find these gems!

  87. (verified owner) :

    Received sample sizes from the local salon and applied to three-year-old daughter’s hair. It washed well, combed through smoothly while conditioning, and the leave-in made the hair so soft and manageable for styling the next day. Now, if I could only find the right products (detangler, daily moisturizing cream) for kids’ daily use, we’ll be in business!

  88. (verified owner) :

    My son’s grandmother recommended this product to me about a year ago and stupid me didnt listen. This is the first product ever that allows me to have my hair out curley and it doesnt look dry and ugly. Since using this product I have received a lot of compliments and let my curls shine a lot. I also used it on my nieces hair and her hair remained managable for days. Best product for mixed hair ever. Thank you ladies for making this product.

  89. (verified owner) :

    I love the trio since it makes it easy to order all the products (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in) at once. My hair looks amazing and with the sometimes bi-polar weather in Illinois that is a plus. The only reason I say almost perfect is because I would love a trio with the sulfate-free shampoo as an option instead now that everyone is getting into the sulfate-free fad.

  90. (verified owner) :

    First of all I do not shampoo my hair. The one hair cut I do get every couple of years they are instructed not to come at my hair with that drying junk, I do not do shampoo. Someone told me about mixed chicks products and said it’s shampoo I can use and I really didn’t believe them. My hair is very dry and usually a pea sized amount will have it so extra dry that it’s clinging to my hands and increases my frizz factor. I gave this a try because after years of not shampooing my scalp was gettin a lil itchy. First off I noticed my hair was not extra dry. I was really impressed with that. Second it smelled so good. I used the whole kit the first time and went to work. When I got there I took my hair down and someone passed me and said “Wow who smells so good today!” I didn’t wear any perfume or scented lotion or anything and I had just walked in from driving with the windows down. And, bonus, my head didn’t itch all day. I have very difficult hair to manage, I am a “mixed chick” and usually only Hispanic people know how to attempt to deal with my hair as I refuse to perm it. I am so happy to have found these products and even more happy that they work so well! It was definitely worth the try!

  91. (verified owner) :

    I am a Scottish heritage, very pale and fair, strawberry blonde white chick and I cannot believe that i have finally found something that controls curly frizz!!!!!!!!!! I live on the east coast 5 miles from the ocean and the humidity here can be brutal!!!!! I usually end up with a dried ball of fuzz, but after the first use of this 3 piece kit, I was astounded at the curl retention but fantastic frizz control!!! I have used many products, including infomercial products that tell you to use “15-20 pumps” of their product for effective use. They don’t compare with mixed chicks at all!!!!!! Just a quarter sized amount of the shampoo is all you need (and i have waist length hair)! Thank you, Mixed Chicks. You Chicks Rock!!!!!!!!!

  92. (verified owner) :

    I bought this product after lots of begging from my 12 yr old daughter. Her father is Puerto Rican and I am Caucasian. Her hair is long, thick and very curly but not kinky. She has been searching desperately for a product that controls her curls (no bushy, poofiness) that leaves her hair soft. I was very skeptical but I read the reviews and finally gave in and bought the product. I have always loved her curly hair but now she does too! It leaves her hair with soft, beautiful, bouncy curls that do not get poofy or bushy. She loves how the shampoo cleans her hair without leaving it dry and brittle. Of the trio, she ran out of the conditioner first so I am buying the trio with an extra conditioner. I am very satisfied with this product. If you have doubts, don’t. Its worth the money. (And I’m frugal).

  93. (verified owner) :

    I don’t usually write reviews but I said if this stuff worked I would write one. So, here goes… I am African American woman with 3B hair type – I guess. By no means do I have natural, bouncy, riglets after getting hair wet, but it does get a little Rae Dawn Chong’ish(that’s the only way I know how to describe it). I wanted an easy and presentable way to wear the styles after summer water activities because lets’s face it the whole 2 and a half hour straightening thing is a pain and makes water fun not so fun. So I purchased this and it didn’t really work very well the first time. Just as frizzy and puffy as if I had nothing in it (probably user error). HOWEVER, it seemed that my hair just needed to get used to it. After the third day, it stayed curly all day but there is a secret. Using the leave-in by itself worked for about 4 hours. If you add some sort of oil like Hot 6 or something it stays springy all day. In addition, I put an oil/leave-in/water mixture in a spray bottle for those time when I neglected to put enough product in. This is my 4th purchase and I will continue to buy it as long as it works.

  94. (verified owner) :

    My daughter is now 14 years old, she is mixed and has a ton of curly hair. We have spent thousands of dollars on products that do not work. This product was recommended to us. I went to my favorite beauty supply store to see if they had any. They only had this one set and sent it home with us to try. My daughter LOVED it. We took the remaining back and let them know how much we loved it. Not only are they trying to get the product in on their shelves, but they let us keep the rest of the product! They are currently working with you guys to get it in, but it has been 3 months and they have not got it in yet. So we finally ordered it online. Hopefully, they will get it in by the time her product runs out again! This is the first product my daughter has used that has actually worked on her hair! Thank you so much! I am now going to try the kids line on my 2 year old daughter!

  95. (verified owner) :

    I have had such a hard time finding the right product for my 9 year old daughters hair, she is a mixed chick 🙂 I first ordered the sample packets just to make sure it would be worth the money & it totally was worth every dime! Her hair looks so much healthier & I can run my fingers through it! I am just in amazment on how well this has worked for her!! Love it!!!!

  96. (verified owner) :

    I have Alopecia Areata and I recently chose a human hair system that was natural to my original hair texture, kinky, curly afro. Well, I could not tame this hair, it was everywhere and I did not want to go back to a straight un-natural look. My daughter suggested Mixed Chicks. I thought, “oh please, just another expensive product that won’t work for me” and my hair challenges. It worked great! Soft, shiny, sexy, non-greasy hair. You may have found a new market……

  97. (verified owner) :

    I love it! It’s a miracle! I’m a 46 year old caucasion with extremely frizzy curly hair. I’ve fought with my hair my entire life. I bought this from a stylist here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After using it the first time I called her the next day and told her it was a miracle product. The first couple of weeks I played with using it different ways. Here’s what I’ve found works best for me. I wash my hair using all three products every other day. On the odd day I rinse the leave in conditioner out and put in fresh leave in condition. I use the product in the evening let my hair air dry then pile it on top of my head in a loose ponytail for bed. In the morning I take down the ponytail to find beautiful soft ringlet curls that stay perfect all day without getting frizzy. I do recommend watching the videos before you use the product. The videos are very helpful in learning how to use the product.

  98. (verified owner) :

    I received the trio today and instantly went to give it a try. I am filipino and dominican and as a result i have fine wavy/curly hair. Usually when i use other products and let it air dry it ends up frizzy with some areas in spiral curls and others in loose spiral curls. However, after using this product my hair was no longer frizzy and my curls were left uniform. Not to mention my hair is soft and smells great!

  99. (verified owner) :

    I originally purchased these products for my toddler who has extremely thick, tight curls. It has worked wonders. It has cut down on the frizz and really defined her curls. Our morning routine is not full of tears anymore. I can comb right through and then I apply the leave in conditioner and we are all done. The other day I decided to try the products on my oldest daughter who is almost 5 and has short, straight hair. She has a hair condition called Trichorrhexis Nodosa which has caused some thinning and a brittle feeling in a small portion of her hair. This product gives her hair a silky feeling and so much volume. It’s GREAT! Looks like I will be using the products for both girls now!

  100. (verified owner) :

    Recently went thru THE BIG CHOP after years of wearing my hair relaxed in the “DOOBIE” Needed to find a product for those hot days where I could just wash-n-go- Absolutely LOVE Mixed Chicks!!! The fact that all of these products can be used on ALL hair types is awesome!

  101. (verified owner) :

    I have been going natural for 2 and a half year but would always go to the salon to blow out my hair becaue I could not find a product that would bring out my natural curls. While I was doing research on natural hair care products I came across an article about Mixed chicks and initially dismissed it (total mistake). After coming across it again I finally decided to try it and I no longer go to the salon I wash my hair every other day with the shampoo and conditioner and I use the leave-in everyday!!!!!!!! I love my natural culrs and I’m never going back to the salon!!!!! (well maybe for a trim, but that’s it) lol

  102. (verified owner) :

    I am caucasian.I use the shampoo twice a week and just conditioner wash twice a week. I love this system. It is the best I’ve use and it’s no fuss. It’s quick, easy and I don’t even need styling products. I get beautiful ringlets.

  103. (verified owner) :

    I started using Mixed Chicks on the recommendation of another parent at my daughter’s school. Her daughter is mixed, but my daughter is just a black girl with super thick, curly hair. I had tried several other products on her hair but nothing kept it moisturized and kept her curls defined. Then when I tried the Mixed Chicks I was in Heaven!! This product works great on her hair, I don’t have to use a ton of it, and I don’t have to use 6 different products to acquire the desired results. I use the shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner and her hair looks amazing!! I always get compliments on how great her hair looks and I have recommended Mixed Chicks to everyone…I even buy several of the little travel packs to hand out to people when they ask me about my daughter’s hair. The only issue I have is that although the trio advertises that it controls frizz, it does not control frizz for my daughter. I am still in search of a product to use that will minimize/eliminate frizzies…any suggestions are welcome!!

  104. (verified owner) :

    I saw this in a magazine & got trial packs as an Easter gift for my 19-yr-old daughter. (Easter “chicks” for a chick!)We’re caucasion but both born w/curly hair; mine had grown wavy & coarse instead over the yrs, & I’d developed an itchy spot that scaled over one ear. Hers is fine, long hair that grows in thick ringlets. She’s flat-ironed the bangs for quite a while & used MANY products but always complained about frizz. The hairspray on the floor about drove me crazy! Plus lots of scents give us migraines. We LOVE your products! You only have to use a tiny amt, & it doesn’t dry out our hair. (I have hot flashes & have to shampoo a lot.)There’s no feelng of build-up, no strong scent, & her curls look soft & defined instead of stiff or frizzy. I’m definitely ordering bigger bottles! An unforseen bonus:after trying EVERYTHING for my scaly patch, even prescription creams, IT DISAPPEARED w/only a few uses of your shampoo!! AMAZING!!

  105. (verified owner) :

    Okay – what happened to my hair? You know – the hair that used to take so many mixtures of products to control frizz? The hair that would guarantee me the 5 o’clock frizz? The hair that used to stress me out if there was even a hint of moisture in the air? I’m 46 years old and have struggled with my curly, crazy, mixed fine hair my whole life. Is a lifetime of thank yous enough? Thank you so much for showing me the beauty of my hair and for making it so easy and affordable. Now I can finally relax myself and NOT my hair and embrace my beautiful hair which my mother always told me I had. JP

  106. (verified owner) :

    I have tried many products on my hair and none have really worked. My hair is always frizzy within 3 hours. That is until I tried Mixed Chicks. I knew it was for me after just 1 use. My ahir is long, very curly and hard to manage. This prodeuct was so easy to use, just wash and go. The real test came during a trip to Jamaica and I had not 1 problem. Even with all the swimming and heat, this product kept my hair looking great and healthy.

  107. (verified owner) :

    Let me start by saying that my daughter, nor I are mixed–but we do have curly hair. I ordered this trio for my daughter late last year. She liked the shampoo and conditioner, so I ordered the 33 oz. sizes of those two. I’ve since decided to start wearing my hair curly and let the relaxer go. I ordered the 33 oz. size of the leave-in conditioner to go with the other products and started using them this past weekend. All I can say is “WOW”!!! I’m so glad I decided to do this because I was tired of being tied to the relaxer and hairdresser :-). I like all three of the products. My hair comes out very curly. I also put some of the leave-in and water in a spray bottle and use it to refresh my curls in the morning before I go to work. I love these products and will continue to purchase. They are a little pricey, but the bottles I bought for my daughter in October last year are still almost full, so they last a long time, because you don’t need much to attain the results you want. I know that nothing works for everybody, but this works for me and I will continue to purchase and use these products. I have already recommended these products to a co-worker, when she saw my hair on Monday :-).

  108. (verified owner) :

    I can not get this product in Virginia.So my sister lives in Silver Springs MD. I first saw your product advertised on the Today show. I was impressed what they said so. I called my sister and she got the trio and the shine for me the shampoo leaves hair very soft and the conditioners made it feel wonderful and the shine comes out great I am really glad that I saw your product but you should try and get it in the beauty supply stores in Virginia I live in Chesapeake Not Norfolk.

  109. (verified owner) :

    This stuff is awesome! I’m white with butt length (in the back) curly hair. The since it’s so long the weigh tends to pull the curl out and make it flat and dull but this product really brings the curls to life! And no styling products!

  110. (verified owner) :

    First I will say I am a White female and have been using this trio for ONLY 2 days and OH MY am I impressed. I’m 33 years old and have tried numerous products over my curly haired life and NEVER have I found a product that works like this. I wash my hair every other day and use the leave in daily. I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I have been able to litterally wash and go. No gel, no spritz, hairspray you name it; this trio is AMAZING!!!!!!

  111. (verified owner) :

    I have never left an online review for anything ever… I came across these products almost by accident online. I am willing to try anything in my hair! I am not a “mixed chick” but I have very very curly hair & lots of it! My hair is so curly I alway needed a lot of products (spray, mousse & gel) but my hair is very fine, so it gets crunchy & weighed down with all of that in it. I do the Brazilian Keratin treatment every few months just to make it not SO curly. This past week I have been using the products, I shampoo & condition, they just a little leave in conditioner & my hair looks amazing! My curls stay together, but it is sooo soft… no crunch. I always get compliments on my hair because it is unique, but this past week its almost becoming a joke…. I keep telling my boyfriend…”i have no junk in my hair!” I still can’t believe it, but I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! No more Keratin & I love my soft curls!!! Great Job!!!

  112. (verified owner) :

    I am mixed with Italian and black. I inherited the thick hair from my black side; it’s like I have two heads of hair. Though I adore my spiral ringlets, but like most of the women on the Italian side of my family, our hair can become a big ball of frizz without the proper care. A few days ago I received the No Frizz Trio package in the mail. I was excited to use the products and immediately washed my hair. I couldn’t wait to use the leave-in conditioner. The results were fantastic. When my hair dried it wasn’t big and poofy on the top or wide like it usually is if I leave it to air dry. My curls were also bouncy and had a lot of movement. I love how my hair looks and feels; it is actually controllable now. Finally I have found a product that works well with my thick, curly hair and delivers the results it promises. Mixed Chicks rocks and I will be buying their products from now on. I’m glad I was recommended this hair care line and I would recommend it to others with curls.

  113. (verified owner) :

    I Love this product! I ordered the samples because my hair is relaxed and I wasn’t sure if it would work for me! I was surprised that after the first use I have BIG SOFT WAVES…. and I have been receiving so many compliments on how good my hair looks! I will be purchasing the line and you should TOO!!!! Mixed Chicks ROCK!

  114. (verified owner) :


  115. (verified owner) :

    I use the shampoo and conditioner every other day. I use the leave in daily. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy frizz serum, leave-in conditioner, hair cream, and mousse. All I need are the three products.

  116. (verified owner) :

    My sister-in-law purchased this for my 2 daughters. One has very thick and curly hair the other has thin wavy hair and it worked great for both girls! I’ve searched everywhere for a product to help control the frizz and I have finally found it! My daughter with the thick curly hair is beyond excited because now she can wear her hair down! Thank you for these products! I will NEVER use any other products for my daughters!

  117. (verified owner) :

    I’m new to Mixed Chicks. I was extremely skeptical. I have tried just about every hair product for curly hair…I’ve thrown them all away. I even tried Miss Jessie’ didn’t work for me. After the first use my hair was so soft and it smelled great. You only need a little of the shampoo and it lathers very well. The deep conditioner… wonderful. The leave-in is quick and easy to use which I love because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to do my hair. Living in Texas, rain and humidity can kill your hair. The humidity and rain only make my hair look better. I’m hooked for life. No more flat ironing for me.

  118. (verified owner) :

    I purchased the Trio/travel and also the Leave In conditioner. I used the trio first to get the whole experience with the other products. It was simple to use and I noticed that it was getting soft while using the shampoo. I love the fact that my daughter’s curls are throughout her hair, no frizzes at the ends. I mean, she has curls to the end of her hair. She never had that even when I did braid outs with her hair. It is very bouncy. But it does have a little frizz at the top but no biggy.I would recommend this to friends. Thx

  119. (verified owner) :

    I was shocked at the results the first time I used it! I gave up wearing my hair curly years ago. My hair was frizzy no matter what I did. Instead I have struggled with keeping my hair straight. Even professional straightening required more products to tame the frizz. After using Mixed Chicks products, my hair is silky soft, shiny and has beautiful wavy curls with absolutely NO frizz!!! Every time I look in the mirror, I can’t believe it is my hair. My stylist is amazed and regularly recommends it to clients who struggle with their curly hair. To my surprise, I can also use it to straighten my hair–Perfection in a bottle!

  120. (verified owner) :

    I heard about this product from my stylist and looked it up online. I honestly didn’t expect that great of a result as I have been fighting these curls for 30 years!! I got my product in the mail yesterday and am already in LOVE!! I purchased the trio set and have instantly seen results. My curls are perfectly conditioned and under control. The product is lightweight and smells amazing! I won’t buy any other curl products from here on out!!

  121. (verified owner) :

    This is the BEST product ever! I love it. 🙂

  122. (verified owner) :

    I’m a first time mixed chicks user. At first I didn’t think it was going to work after I put all the product in, but when it started to dry I noticed it got really soft and felt nice. After my hair got fully dry it look AMAZING! My hair is usually big and frizzy and lots of knots, but the product made it super detangled and really nice curls. So all in all I would highly recommend this product. It saved my hair.

  123. (verified owner) :

    My daughter is a mixed chick in every sense of the word and her hair acts mixed in the sense that it doesn’t respond positively to products made exclusively for Caucasians or African-Americans. She has type 3B hair, which means she has tiny, tightly wound ringlets that dry out very easily. I have used all types of products because I couldn’t find one that actually kept moisture in her hair. I’ve spent anywhere from $8 to almost $80 in one transaction trying desperately to find something that does what it claims. Mixed Chicks works! I could tell it was going to be good because even the shampoo felt moisturizing, which never happens. Most shampoos I use make her hair feel very dry and brittle until I condition it. This wasn’t the case. Immediately her hair started to feel different. The deep conditioner and leave-in bring the whole package together and make her hair feel amazing. The reason I know it works is because even the next day, her hair doesn’t feel as dry and is not nearly as tangled. I wash her hair only once a week but condition every day. With other products, even when I was just putting in the conditioner, when I’m detangling, it’s like starting with virgin hair and takes forever. Mixed Chicks cut that time by almost 75%! Thank you so much!! At [$], I will definitely use it again!

  124. (verified owner) :

    I am so very please with this product my hair is very soft and curly and i have never had a product to do my hair like this in my life and i am 53 and loving it. I thought i would never find any thing like this. My hair is always soft, never gleasy and my curls are define just like i like it. Thanks mixed chicks.

  125. (verified owner) :

    I didn’t much care for my results… It was probably due to my hair type (4a) as much it was the product. My curls were defined, but they shrunk (which was expected), but they felt crunchy. Even as I applied it as instructed. I stretched them with a blow dryer after they were dry, and they did improve lookwise, but the crunch was still there. I tried moistening my fingers, but I just made it frizz. Even though the results are much better than just letting it dry as is, I don’t think this product is for me.

  126. (verified owner) :

    I was skeptical when I ordered the trial and travel trio because I am just a regular African American, not of any known mixed heritage, that wears natural hair. I purchased 3 of the trial packages because it usually takes a lot of anybody’s product to fully saturate my thick, medium/long hair. I followed the instructions as outlined on the website and was shocked at how well only 2 ounces (total) of these products worked. Usually,in order to get control of frizz, I have to wash once, condition twice, blot out most of the moisture with a towel, apply nexxus humectress as a leave in, followed by silk elements styling gel and glossing polish. Then I either twist my hair into a bun and secure it with a hair clamp or braid it into one or two braids and wait for it to dry. This will stretch out the curl and give me some control. Sometimes it takes hours for my hair to dry this way. If I let my hair dry out freely without securing it, I wind up with a tight frizzy mess. Sometimes, even after doing all of these steps, I still don’t get the results I want. When I followed the steps on the web, the trio worked perfectly and quickly. I still can’t believe I got these results from just wash and go and letting my hair air dry freely. I am so happy. I also just made a big purchase of more products. I don’t ever want to run out.Thank you so much.

  127. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely love this product!! I am half Puerto Rican and half white. My mother has VERY curly/kinky hair and my father has VERY straight hair. My hair is combination 3a/3b, but with MUCH more 3b hair. This product gave me super defined hair for several days with NO frizz!!! I was amazed!! I love your product and have already told many curly haired people to try it out!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  128. (verified owner) :

    My mother used to perm my hair because it was too much for her to deal with. Once I got older I stopped doing that. I could never find a product that would make me feel good about wearing my hair out and it not frizzing up. I have gotten so many compliments since using mixed chicks. Thank you for getting me out of a ponytail.

  129. (verified owner) :

    Growing up I always had a hard time finding products wether I was wearing my hair straight or curly. I spent much time and money buying products from “black beauty supplies stores” and trying Joico and other expensive brands. To wear it naturally curly was a process of leaving some conditioner it, theen getting liquid glaze, then a little pomade, and some solid glaze for my edges and in the end it still would be hit or miss. Tried Carol’s Daughter hair milk and I didn’t like the smell the next day and it was too oily, i had all over chiar backs. This stuff is great. None of the products have a heavy smell, they work together wonderfully, the leave-in isnt oily to the touch when its dry, itsnt crunchy like mousse, and the nexy day my hair still smells clean. When I get in the shower to rinse then condition, its not hard rinsing it out and my hair is soft afterwards. It works great on my sons hair too which is curly but silkier. I gave a sample pack to my friend for her daughter. I cant wait to make my youtube review 🙂

  130. (verified owner) :

    My 14 year old daughter is the only one in our family with curly hair so I really didn’t know what to use in her hair. We have tried so many different products over the years and she has always had frizz. When we were told about mixedchicks from a friend I told my daughter we would buy the samples because I was tired of buying products that don’t work. After she watched your videos and used the trio her hair looks AMAZING! People are now asking her what she uses. Thanks so much! Cindie

  131. (verified owner) :

    I have been using this product exclusively together with the Deep Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner for a year-and-a-half now. I can honestly say, after 54 years of dealing with very thick, very curly, uncontrollably frizzy hair, these products have made all the difference in the world. I like to wash and go with minimal styling and this product has allowed me to do exactly that.

  132. (verified owner) :

    .this product is awesome i thought it was going to make my hair really curly. it just made it more wavy like my hair is now.

  133. (verified owner) :

    My daughter is mixed and has very curly, frizzy hair. After using this product, it not only controlled her frizziness, but it also defined her curls! I have tried so many products in her hair and nothing worked till now! I am so glad I found mixed chicks products!

  134. (verified owner) :

    I love the products. I don’t have crunchy curls, or very oily curls. My hair isn’t frizzy, and it is moisturized. The three steps are so simple. It beats my old routine of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, frizz hair serum, curl cream, and curl mousse.

1. shampoo and rinse
2. condition, comb or brush, and rinse
3. apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair, scrunch
4. wring hair out with fingers
5. air dry, or if you are in a hurry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a diffuser (no towel or blow-dry needed)

for straight & smooth hair:
1. shampoo and rinse
2. condition, comb or brush, and rinse
3. apply Mixed Chicks straightening serum (sold separately) or a little leave-in to damp hair
4. blow-dry
5. use a flat iron or another styling accessory
6. finish with hair silk for added shine

Wavy or straight frizzy hair? This system can work for you. Try it along with MIXED CHICKS hair silk.

If you have curly hair, you will likely need to shampoo less than someone with straight hair. Instead, use our conditioning cleansing CO-WASH as a co-wash some days.