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You might notice salon prices are higher per unit than they are here on the site, but once shipping is added, it is less money to visit a location that carries us.

Suggested (U.S.) SALON/STORE MSRP PRICING examples:

Shampoo 10oz: $10.00 / Liter: $20.00
Sulfate Free Shampoo 10oz: $10.00 / / Liter: $30.00
Deep conditioner 8oz: $14.00 / Liter: $50.00
Leave-in Conditioner 6.7 oz: $13.00 / 10oz: $20.00 / Liter: $50.00
Hair silk 1.7oz: $10.00
Replenishing Oil 6 oz: $18.00
Straightening Serum 4oz: $10.00
Morning After Redefining Foam 8oz : $15.00
Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash 8oz : $10.00
Curl Scupltor 8oz : $10.00
Styling Gel 8oz : $10.00
Coil, Kinks & Wave Styling Cream 12oz : $12.00
Daily Hair Dress 6oz: $8.00
Slick Styling Tamer 2oz: $6.00

Trial & Travel Pack 6oz : $9.99
Shampoo Sample Tube 2oz: $3.00
Deep Cond Sample Tube 2oz: $4.00
Leave-in Cond Sample Tube 2oz : $4.00
Morning After Redefining Foam 3.4oz: $5.00

Kids Shampoo 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Cond 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Leave-in 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Tangle Tamer 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Quad Pack: $40.00

Kids Shampoo Sample Tube 2oz: $2.80
Kids Conditioner Sample Tube 2oz: $2.80
Kids Leave-in Cond Sample Tube 2oz: $2.80

HIS MIX LEAVE-IN 8.5 oz: $15.00
HIS MIX SHAMPOO 8.5 oz: $9.00
HIS MIX DAILY COND 8.5 oz: $11.00
HIS MIX GEL 8.5 oz: $11.50

Pineapple Coconut / Sweet Pear Soap $7.00
Paddle Brush $9.00
1″ Flat Iron $110.00
Spring Bands $4.50
Dual Make Up Sticks $17.00

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