Terms & Conditions

You might notice salon prices are higher per unit than they are here on the site, but once shipping is added, it is less money to visit a location that carries us.

Suggested (U.S.) SALON/STORE PRICING examples:

Shampoo 10oz: $10.00 / Liter: $20.00
Deep conditioner 8oz: $14.00 / Liter: $50.00
Leave-in conditioner 10oz: $20.00 / Liter: $50.00
Hair silk 1.7oz: $10.00
Replenishing Oil 6 oz: $18.00
Straightening Serum 4oz: $10.00

Kids Shampoo 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Cond 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Leave-in 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00
Kids Tangle Tamer 8oz: $11.00 / Liter: $35.00

HIS MIX LEAVE-IN 8.5 oz: $15.00
HIS MIX SHAMPOO 8.5 oz: $9.00
HIS MIX DAILY COND 8.5 oz: $11.00
HIS MIX GEL 8.5 oz: $11.50

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RETURN POLICY: MIXED CHICKS accepts returns for online orders only, within 30 days (not for Liter sizes).
Please see our customer service page.

Mixed Chicks does not accept flat iron returns. We do provide info and service for the flat iron through the manufacturer warranty provided inside the flat iron box.